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Doctor of Philosophy - 254LC

Course Code: 254LC
Course Version: 1
Location: UC - Canberra, Bruce
Faculty: Graduate Research and Researcher Development
Discipline(s): Graduate Research and Researcher Development
CRICOS Code: 077742C
English Language Requirements: Academic IELTS of 6.5 or equivalent, with no band score below 6.0

Conduct independent, original and specialised research

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a higher degree by research available across a range of disciplines within our University research institutes, as well as our four university faculties: Faculty of Arts & Design; Faculty of Business, Government and Law; Faculty of Education, Science, Technology and Mathematics; and Faculty of Health.

We cover five areas of research focus: communication, education, environment, governance and health. These areas of focus are supported within the four University research institutes:

  • Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis

  • Institute of Applied Ecology

  • Research Institute of Sport and Exercise

  • Health Research Institute

  • plus several faculty- based research centres.

Course fees for the Doctor of Philosophy start at $23,430 per year for low-cost PhD (254LC) and at $30,700 a year for high-cost PhD (254HC). Fees for high-cost and low-cost PhD are determined by the Field of Education code relevant to the research topic, as determined by the Commonwealth Government. High-cost fields of education are generally those in natural and physical sciences, engineering, technology, environmental and related studies, medical and related studies and psychology. The appropriate field of education for your PhD will be confirmed at application stage.

Course Specific Information

This course incorporates an initial six-month 12 credit point coursework component to be completed in the first semester of the PhD. Upon successful completion of this coursework, students will be awarded a Graduate Certificate in Research Methods and Design (AQF Level 8 qualification). Students can then progress into the research phase of the course. The coursework component can be skipped if a student is accepted into the accelerated entry pathway (see admission requirements tab).


Current and Commencing Students
Prospective Students

Admission Requirements

There are two entry pathways into the PhD course, standard and accelerated entry. Students entering the course on accelerated entry are granted advanced standing for the 12 credit point coursework component of the PhD and commence directly into the research component.

The Faculty or University of Canberra Research Centre will determine an applicant's eligibility for entry based upon evidence provided which would include:
a) evidence of advanced knowledge in an area relevant to the PhD topic;
b) a minimum of four years study at Australian degree level in a relevant area (e.g. four year bachelor degree or bachelor degree plus coursework masters);
c) evidence of an ability to undertake complex thinking and problem solving; and
d) evidence of significant aptitude for research.

The Faculty or University of Canberra Research Centre will determine an applicant's eligibility for entry with advanced standing (accelerated entry) based upon evidence provided which would include:
e) a degree of bachelor with first or upper second class honours awarded by an Australian university or other recognised higher education institution, and evidence of research training and aptitude for research; or
f) an award or the completion of work that has first or upper second class honours equivalence (as set out in Schedule Five of the Admission to Higher Degree by Research Courses Policy), and evidence of significant research ability and professional performance.

Plus all students will:
g) meet the University's minimum English proficiency requirements for entry into higher degree by research courses;
h) satisfy any requirements for admission to the relevant specialisation approved by Academic Board (e.g. some specialisations require higher IELTS scores); and
i) satisfy any additional requirements specified for admission of the particular applicant, consistent with University policy.

Additional Admission Requirements


Assumed Knowledge

Sufficient knowledge relevant to the study area to enable identification of a need for research.

Periods Course is Open to New Admissions

Year Location Domestic International
2017 UC Canberra - Bruce Campus Research Semester 1
Research Semester 2
Research Semester 1
Research Semester 2
2018 UC Canberra - Bruce Campus Research Semester 1
Research Semester 2
Research Semester 1
Research Semester 2
2019 UC Canberra - Bruce Campus Research Semester 1
Research Semester 2
Research Semester 1
Research Semester 2

Course Requirements

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Award(s) Official Abbreviation
Doctor of Philosophy PhD

Alternate Exit Awards

Graduate Certificate in Research Methods and Design

Typical Study Pattern

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Please refer to the tab to view Course Requirements, check unit details and select Restricted Choice Units for the course. Please note not all units are offered in each teaching period.

Unit Delivery Modes

The University offers a wide range of delivery options to help you balance study with other commitments. Units within this degree may be available to be studied in the following delivery modes:

    UC - Canberra, Bruce

      Flexible: The unit combines online study with optional on-campus, face to face activities.
      Intensive: The unit is delivered on-campus and face to face in concentrated time blocks.
      On Campus: The unit is delivered on-campus and face to face, supplemented with online content. Most classes are run on weekdays and during business hours.
      Online: The unit is studied completely online. On-campus, face to face interaction is not required.
      Research: The unit is research focused. Attendance at regular classes in not required, however on-campus, face to face activity may be necessary.
      Sponsor: The unit is delivered in conjunction with a sponsor organisation.

To find out more about delivery modes that are available for units in this course please visit

Information for Fee Paying Students

Year Domestic International
2017 $20,150 $23,430
2018 $20,760 $25,080

The fees detailed above are the annual fee rates for the course based on a full time load. Domestic students should note that you will not be required to pay fees while you are in a Research Training Scheme (RTS) place. If you do not complete your studies before your RTS is consumed, you will be charged the annual fee rate that applied at the commencement of your degree. Further information on fees for higher degree by research students can be found here.

Professional Accreditation


Course Learning Outcomes

Course Objectives Graduate Qualities
The objective of the PhD programme is to develop researchers whom will have systematic and critical understanding of a complex field of learning as well as, specialised research skills for the advancement of learning and applicable to practice. The learning outcomes of the PhD programme are to develop researchers who are able to:
- Utilise appropriate and specialised research skills in order to develop frontier knowledge in a particular area;
- Demonstrate expert understanding of theoretical knowledge and be able to reflect critically on that knowledge and apply it;
- Communicate their research and findings effectively and disseminate to a variety of stakeholders;
- Demonstrate expert technical and creative skills applicable to the fields of learning;
- Undertake systemic investigation; and
- Demonstrate the contribution of their research.
The objective of the embedded Graduate Certificate is to prepare students to be research ready to undertake a PhD. The Graduate Certificate learning outcomes include an ability to analyse critically, evaluate and transform research methodology and methods theory in order to be able to:
- Develop appropriate research designs;
- Synthesise and summarise complex information;
- Communicate methodological and theoretical decisions;
- Be an independent learner and researcher;
- Communicate and present clear and coherent explanations of knowledge and ideas to a variety of audiences;
- Adapt theory and practice in diverse contexts;
- Propose solutions to complex problems;
- Be able to apply research skills to a range of organisational and work-based problems; and
- Demonstrate the ability to undertake advanced research based study.

Course Duration

Standard seven semesters full-time or equivalent. Students may complete in eight semesters full-time or equivalent. Maximum twenty semesters.



Related Courses (Double Degrees, Nested Courses and Alternative Exits)

On successful completion of the 12cp coursework units in this course, students are eligible for the Graduate Certificate in Research Methods and Design exit award.

Government Support

Year CSP Places Available Eligible for Student
Income Support (Centrelink)
2017 NO NO


  • 2017->UC Bruce Campus-Internal
  • Past Offerings
    • 2013->UC Bruce Campus-Internal
    • 2014->UC Bruce Campus-Internal
    • 2015->UC Bruce Campus-Internal
    • 2016->UC Bruce Campus-Internal

Enrolment Numbers

View course numbers for previous full year. Please note that course numbers are indicative only and in no way reflect individual class sizes.

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