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Arts and Design Student Graduate Exhibition

Each November, The University of Canberra’s flagship creative annual event, the Faculty of Arts & Design Graduating Student Exhibition is held by Faculty of Arts and Design. This event features the applied work of our graduating students.

Work will be on display from a variety of areas including but not limited to Architects, Interior Architects, Industrial Designers and Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Writers, Film Producers and students of other areas within the Faculty such as Building and Construction Management, Communication, Media, Heritage, International Studies, Journalism. This showcase is also a great way to explore the courses on offer.

Three People looking at Wall Art of Students End of Year Exhibition Projects

Student Graduate Exhibition 2019: fadX

This year the Exhibition will be held in week 16 for 3 days, from 19-21 November. The Opening Night, to which industry, family and friends are invited, will be held on Wed 20th November. This night will simply be an opportunity for guests to wander around the displays, and for students to present and talk to their works. Catering (drinks and canapes) is provided and the night has a celebratory feel. More details to come!

Opening Night: Wednesday 20th November 2019

Online Exhibition

Student Graduate Exhibition 2018: DISCOVER

Have have a look at what last years students achieved in the 2018 Exhibition.

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