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Arts and Design Student Graduate Exhibition

Each November, the University of Canberra’s flagship creative annual event, FADX, is held by the Faculty of Arts and Design.  FADX is the Graduating Student Showcase and features the applied work of our graduating students from the disciplines of Design & the Built Environment, Arts, and Communication & Media.

It is a celebration of the achievements of our graduating students and a chance for them to develop and display the best work of their degree for their family, friends, and the public – including industry members. There is an emphasis on industry attendance and involvement, so because of this FADX encourages students to reflect on who they are as emerging professionals, and decide how best to communicate that to prospective industries.

It is an opportunity for students to reflect on the process of learning, and the outcomes they have achieved, and to show that learning journey, development and growth in ideas, theory and practice.

Check out the online exhibition to view the creative work of UC's talented graduating students.