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Brook, Associate Prof. Scott

Scott Brook Profile Picture

Associate Professor, Writing
Faculty of Arts & Design

Bldg, Floor & Room: 20, C24
Telephone: (02) 6201 2609
Facsimile: (02) 6201 2649


Scott Brook was educated at Swinburne Community School and the Department of English with Cultural Studies, University of Melbourne.

His research is focused on cultural policy, the literary field, creative labour studies and cultural economy, often from a cultural sociological perspective. He is currently Chief Investigator (2015-2017) on the ARC Discovery Project 'Working the Field: Creative Graduates in Australia and China' (ARC DPDP150101477) a major Bourdieusian study of how creative arts graduates develop artistic vocations. He has also undertaken significant research on Vietnamese Australian cultural production.

He currently has a research-only position at the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research.

Areas of Teaching

Currently available for postgraduate supervision

Research Interests

  • Creative arts graduates and cultural work
  • 'Young and Emerging' writers and the literary field
  • The history of creative writing pedagogy

Qualifications Obtained

  • BA (Hons)
  • MA
  • PhD Cultural Studies (University of Melbourne)

Recent Publications

  • Brook, S. (2015 forthcoming) 'The exemplary economy: a Hunterian reading the Creative Industries as educative project' International Journal of Cultural Policy.
  • Brook, S. (Under consideration) 'Cultural Criticism in Precarious Times: A Response to Simon During', Australian Humanities Review.
  • Brook, S. (Under Consideration) 'Funemployed in the City of Literature: the artistic critique of work and cultural employment'  Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management. Special Issue: Precarious Labour in the Cultural Economy.
  • Brook, S., A. Eaton and K. Nandan (Under consideration) ''Young and Emerging Writers' and the Australian Literary Field', Australian Humanities Review.
  • Brook, S. (2014) 'Sentimental Aesthetics in the field of Vietnamese Australian Community Arts', Journal of Intercultural Studies, 35:3; 281-94.
  • Brook, S (2013) 'Social inertia and creativity'Journal of Sociology. 49: 2-3; 309-24.
  • Brook, S. (2012) 'Creative writing, cultural capital and the labour market', Australian Humanities Review no. 53.
  • Yue, A., R. Khan and Brook, S. (2011) 'Developing a Local Cultural Indicator Framework in Australia: A Case Study of the City of Whittlesea', Journal of Culture and Local Governance 3:1-2; 133-49
  • Brook, S. (2010) 'Managing creativity: practice-led research and training the person' TEXT, 8.
  • Brook, S. and C. Nunn (2010) 'Vietnamese Return Narratives in Australian Public Culture', Amerasia Journal 36:2; 17-32
  • Brook, S. (2008) 'The Art of Government: Khoa Do's The Finished People and the policy reform of Community Cultural Development', Studies in Australasian Cinema 2:2; 177-93
  • Brook, S. (2008) 'Cultural capital and cultural diversity: some problems in Ghassan Hage's critique of cosmopolitan multiculturalism' Journal of Australian Studies 32:4; 509-20
  • Brook, S. (2006) 'Touring the Phantom Agent: Recognition, Defacement and the Vietnamese-Australian War Memorial', Journal of Intercultural Studies 27:1-2; 133-50
  • Brook, S. (2002) 'Does Anybody know what happened to Ficto(-)criticism? Toward a fractal genealogy of Australian fictocriticism', Cultural Studies Review 8:2; 104-18

Book chapters

  • Brook, S (2015) 'Creative Vocations and Cultural Value', in J. O'Connor and K. Oakley (eds.) The Routledge Companion to the Cultural Industries. Routledge, London and New York; 296-304.
  • Pham, H. and Brook, S. (2010) 'Generation V: the Search for Vietnamese Australia', in A. Sarwal and S. Mycak (eds.) Australian Made: A Multicultural Reader (Sydney: University of Sydney Press); 241-60. (Reprinted. See below)
  • Pham, H. and Brook, S. (2009) 'Generation V: the Search for Vietnamese Australia', in A. Sarwal and R. Sarwal (eds.) Reading Down Under: Australian Literary Studies Reader (New Delhi: SSS Publications); 311-20
  • Brook, S. (2008) 'Touring the Phantom Agent: Recognition, Defacement and the Vietnamese-Australian War Memorial', in T. Khoo (ed.) Locating Asian-Australian Cultures (London and New York: Routledge); 133-50

Refereed conference papers

Essays, reviews and interviews

  • Brook, S. (2012) 'Editors' Introduction: The critiques of practice-led research', in S. Brook and P. Magee (eds) 'Beyond Practice Led Research', Special Issue of TEXT 16:2.
  • Brook, S. (2007) 'After the Eighties: the Documentary Photography of Thuy Vy', Peril: The Asian-Australian arts and culture review, 3 Available at Asian-Australian Arts and Culture
  • Brook, S. (2007) 'Paul Dawson's Creative Writing and the New Humanities', (book review) Antithesis 17
  • Brook, S. (2006) 'Scamps and cigarettes: remembering dan choi', Bao Nha Magazine (June)
  • Brook, S. & A. Douglas (2006) '10,000 Views: Murray McKeich, Hoang Tran Nguyen & Thuy Vy', (art catalogue) FauxPho Artspace, Footscray, Melbourne, 1-25 February 2006.
  • Brook, S. (2005) 'Western Culture: the Art of Melbourne's West' (interview with festival director Jason Cross), Artwork, 62 (September)
  • Brook, S. (2004) 'The Finished People' (review) Spinach7, 5 (Spring)
  • Brook, S. (2004) 'No Star Where: the Vietnamese news debate' Spinach7, 3 (Summer)
  • Brook, S. (2003) 'The Diafrix Massive' (review) Spinach7, 2 (Spring)
  • Brook, S. & L. Low (2003) 'Diasporic Disorientalism' (review) Spinach7, 1 (Winter)
  • Brook, S. (2003) '97.4 FM' (interview with broadcaster Viet Quoc Tran) in Brook, S. et al (eds.) West of the West (Altona: Common Ground)
  • Brook, S. (2003) 'The pleasure of fish' (interview with author David Greagg) in Brook, S. et al (eds.) West of the West (Altona: Common Ground)

Short fiction

  • Brook, S. (2015) 'Footscray, for Example' Meanjin 71:1.
  • Brook, S. (2004) 'Cry Wolf', in R. Kenny (ed.) Richard Clements: Seeing the Sublime (Hamilton, Hamilton Art Gallery)
  • Brook, S. (2003) 'City Limits' in Brook, S. et al (eds.) West of the West (Altona: Common Ground)
  • Brook, S. (2003) 'Burrow', The Other Side 4
  • Brook, S.(2003) 'Tyre nests', The Other Side 4
  • Brook, S.(2002) 'Photographs 1933, 1916', Salt 16
  • Brook, S. (2002) 'Labertouche', Salt 16
  • Brook, S. (2002) 'Even for Miles' in M. Campbell (ed.) Strange Cities (Carlton: Crooked Style Press)
  • Brook, S. (2001) 'But Kerry…' Antithesis 12
  • Brook, S. (1998) 'Camera obscura', Overland 153
  • Brook, S. (1997) 'Perspective Studies', Aedon 4
  • Brook, S. (1997) 'Butcher's Nightmare', Aedon 4
  • Brook, S. (1995) 'Isthmus', RePublica 3

Co-edited books

  • Brook, S et al (2003) West of the West; writing, image and sound from Melbourne's west (Altona: Common Ground)

Co-edited journals

  • Brook, S. and P. Magee (2012) 'Beyond Practice Led Research', Special Issue of TEXT 16:2
  • Brook, S. et al. (2006) Antithesis 16



  • 2012: Office of the DVCR ECR grant for 'Social Inertia and the Literary Field' ($14, 500)
  • 2012: Faculty of Arts and Design Research Cluster funding for 'Young and Emergent Writers: policies, programs and publishers' ($2,000)  (with Dr. Tony Eaton)
  • 2011: Office of the DVCR Distinguished Visitor Grant, for 'Aesthetics, Government, Freedom: an advanced seminar with Prof Tony Bennett' ($3,353)
  • 2010: Assistant Professor Start-up Research grant, University of Canberra ($15,000)


  • 2014: Australia Research Council, Discovery Project Grant. 'Working the Field: Creative Graduates in Australia and China', $346,529 (Lead institution: Monash University) (DP# 150101477).
  • 2012: Copyright Agency Limited, Cultural Fund Grant for 'Young and Emerging Writers: policies, programs and publishers' ($3,444)  (with Dr. Tony Eaton)
  • 2001: New Media Board, Australia Council for the Arts, New Work grant for West of the West ($25,000) (Auspice Institution: Footscray Community Arts Centre)


  • 1995: Percival Serle Award, the University of Melbourne.
  • 1995: Professor Morris Prize for Best Essay, the University of Melbourne.