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Sanchez Laws, Asst. Prof. Ana

Ana Sanchez Laws Picture

Assistant Professor, Media Arts & Production
Faculty of Arts & Design

Bldg, Floor & Room: 9, C3
Telephone: (02) 6206 8729
Facsimile: (02) 6201 5999



Dr. Ana Sanchez Laws is Assistant Professor at The University of Canberra teaching Arts and Design. One strand of her research focuses on the use of new technologies to address contested topics in museums and issues of diversity and social inclusion in museums. She has written a book on these issues, Panamanian Museums and Historical Memory (Berghahn Books 2011). A second strand of research deals with the creation of digital artifacts to communicate cultural and natural heritage, with projects involving institutions such as the Panama Viejo Museum and Questacon Science Centre.

Areas of Teaching

  • Media Production
  • Sustainable Design

Research Interests

  • Digital design
  • Cultural and natural heritage
  • Museums
  • Environmental data

Qualifications Obtained

  • PhD in Media Studies, University of Bergen, Norway
  • Master in Screenwriting for Multimedia, University of Bergen, Norway
  • Bachelor in Visual Arts, University of Panama

Recent Publications

Books: Authored – research

  • Sánchez Laws, AL 2011. Panamanian Museums and Historical Memory. Oxford: Berghahn Books.
  • Sánchez Laws, AL 2012. Museum Websites. Museum Design Series. Shanghai: Fudan University Publishing. In press.
  • Sánchez Laws, AL (forthcoming 2013). Museum Social Media: Issues for designers, curators and researchers. Museums and Collections series. Oxford: Berghahn Books. In preparation.

Book Chapters

  • Goodnow, K and AL Sanchez Laws 2012. In Witcomb, A and K Message (Eds). 2012. Museum Theory: an expanded field. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing. In review.
  • Sánchez Laws, AL 2012. A Matter of Trust: The Organisational Design of the Museo de la Libertad y la Democracia, Panama. In Ireland, T, S Lohring and J Schofield. The ethics of cultural heritage: memory, managements and museums. Springer Press. In review.
  • Sánchez Laws, AL 2012. Changes in the representation of contemporary indigenous groups in Panamanian museums. In Clegg, Margaret and Rebecca Redfern (Eds.) 'Global Perspectives: understanding the shared humanity of our ancestors'. Oxford: Oxbow Books.
  • Sánchez Laws, AL 2010. “Social Network Sites (SNS) and Digital Culture: Developing the Online Strategy of the Panama Viejo Museum.” Book Chapter. IN Miltiadis Lytras, Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos, Ernesto Damiani and Lily Diaz Eds. Digital Culture and E-Tourism: Technologies, Applications and Management Approaches. IGI Global.

Refereed article in a scholarly journal

  • Sánchez Laws, AL 2012. Edutangible: field experiments in participatory design. The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum.
  • Sánchez  Laws, AL 2012. Museum Social Media: The Question of Digital Culture Sustainability. Museum Worlds Journal. Berghahn Journals, Oxford. Submitted
  • Sánchez Laws, AL 2010. Digital storytelling as an emergent documentary form. International Journal of Media, Technology and Lifelong Learning.

Conferences: Full written paper – refereed

  • Sánchez Laws, AL 2012. Edutangible: Multitouch experiments at the Panama Viejo Visitor Centre. The Inclusive Museum Conference. Barbados, August 2-5.
  • Sánchez Laws, AL 2008. Creating a serious game about the invasion of Panama. NaMU, Making National Museums Conference Series. Leicester: University of Leicester.
  • Sánchez Laws, AL 2007. Nationhood and otherness in Panamanian Museums: The case of the National Museum and the Anthropological Museum Reina Torres de Arauz. Linköping: Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings (31) s. 51-61.
  • Sánchez Laws, AL 2007. Angie against the world, a computer game about post conflict memory. Perth: Digital Arts and Culture Conference Proceedings.

Full written paper – non refereed

  • Sánchez Laws, AL. 2009. Social Media, Museums and Trust. Museums in Dialogue Seminar. Bergen: University of Bergen.
  • Sánchez Laws, AL. 2009. Trusting Wikipedia. Wikipedia Academy Seminar. Bergen: Gamle Bergen Museum.
  • Sánchez Laws, AL. 2009. Networked Portraitture (practical digital art project presentation). The Network as Space and Medium for Collaborative Art Practice. Bergen: University of Bergen.
  • Sánchez Laws, AL. 2009. Social Media, Marketing and Branding for Hordaland Libraries. Fylkeskommune konferanse for idrett og kultur. Bergen: Hordaland fylkeskommune.
  • Sánchez Laws, AL 2009. The Performance of Transnational Belonging (2009). Opening speech for Farhad Kalantary's show at Stiftelsen 3.14 art gallery, Bergen.
  • Sánchez Laws, AL 2008. Creating a game about the invasion of Panama. Paper presentation. NaMU, Making National Museums Conference Series. Leicester: University of Leicester.
  • Sánchez Laws, AL 2006. Panamanian Documentaries and the 1989 Invasion. Talk. Bremen: Cornelius Hertz Gallery.
  • Sánchez Laws, AL 2006. Angie against the world, a serious game. Games, New Media and Democracy Seminar, Bergen: University of Bergen.

 Edited volume of conference proceedings

  • Sánchez Laws, AL. (2008). Museums in Panama. A Socio-Historical Approach with a Focus on Diversity, Complemented by an Exploration of the Role of New Technologies. Abstract. Tartu: ECREA Summer School Book.

Letter or note

  • Sánchez Laws, AL 2010. “A new cataloguing system and social media services for the Panama Viejo Visitor Centre and Monumental Site”. CollectingNet Newsletter 9: April 2010

Computer Projects

  • Web-based Peer review system for the Norwegian Media Journal. Funding: $8,000
  • “Hypernytt” - Experimental hypervideo platform for the deployment of news video reports about Ekstremsportveko Voss 2010. Høgskolen i Volda. Funding: $4,000
  • “Illegale Aviser” NORDIKI, Infomedia UiB and Universitetsbiblioteket UiB. Funding: $2,000
  • TVERTEK Lab Online Information System, Infomedia UiB. Funding: $6,000
  • “Museum studies” Website for the Museums and Diversity Series and Museums and Cultural Dissemination Research Group, UiB. Funding: $4,000
  • Invited artist, exhibition at the Institute of the Americas, San Diego, 2012. Videoart.
  • Collaborator, mobile media interpretation of the Garden of Australian Dreams. Project led by Stephen Barrass for Cross-Media production, UC. 2012.
  • Supervisor, mobile media internship for Anthony Curry, Australian War Memorial. Winter Term 2012.

Individual exhibition of original art

  • ‘Palimpsests’. Group show at the Institute of the Americas and Salazar Gallery, San Diego, California, September 2012.
  • Invited video artist, “Navigator”. Presented at the “Indomitable Women” Show at the Barcelona Biennial Festival, Centre Pompidou (Paris) and Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid). 
  • Invited artist, “Ars Latina”, Baja California, Mexico.
  • “Angie against the world” computer game presentation. Cornelius Hertz Gallery, Bremen, Germany.
  • Invited artist, ME-TE-DO exhibition, Florence, Italy.
  • Selected Artist at the 7th Panama Biennial.
  • Selected Artist and Special Mention, Angie contra el mundo (videogame v1.0), Inquieta Imagen, Museum of Art and Design, Costa Rica.
  • Broadcast of “Angie contra el mundo” (video version). SERTV, Panama National Television Service.
  • Screening, “Un cuarto de corto”. Cinepolis Movie Halls, Costa Rica.
  • Screening, “La Pecera” (short film). Bergen International Film Festival, BIFF.
  • Selected video, Fist prize (shared), Angie contra el mundo (video version). Transformarte Festival, Argentina.
  • Selected video, Special Jury Mention, Angie contra el mundo. 13 Costa Rican Film Festival.
  • Selected video, Best videocreation, visual and sound proposal, Un cuarto de corto, Carrito's Way and Un día desvestido. “240” Young Filmmakers Show, Costa Rica.
  • Broadcast of “Ana sin el mar”,”Carrito's Way”, “Fábula alemana en rojo” (short films), and “El océano en nuestras mentes” (documentary). Costa Rican National TV.
  • Selected short film, The second set of keys. Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany.
  • Selected short film, Un cuarto de corto. Bilbao Film Festival, Spain.
  • Selected video, Best photo and soundtrack, Fábula Alemana en Rojo (short film). 12 Costa Rican Film Festival.
  • Selected video, Un día desvestido (short film). Arte sobre el Cuerpo, Centro Cultural Español, Costa Rica.
  • Selected video, Best Opera Prima, editing and photo, Ana sin el mar, (short film). 11 Costa Rican Film Festival.



  • Cultural Interfaces to Environmental Data. With S. Barrass, M. Whitelaw, S. Hinton, E. Hinton, G. Hinchcliffe and S. O’connor. Funding: FAD and Questacon. $18,000
  • Multi-touch prototype development (hardware and software) and user evaluations for the Museo de la Casa Colonial, Panama Viejo Monumental Complex. Funding: National Secretariat of Science and Technology (SENACYT) Panama. $11,000
  • Publication Support for Panamanian Museums and Historical Memory. Funding: Norwegian Research Fund (NFR). $9,000
  • Development of Social Media Services and Tangible Interface Prototypes at Patronato Panama Viejo. Funding: Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen and Patronato Panamá Viejo. $4,000

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