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School of Design and the Built Environment

The School of Design and the Built Environment develops global, agile leaders; individuals well-equipped to contribute to the evolution of our urban futures. Our degrees prepare students for the creative and industry focused areas of interactive and creative design, and the built environment professions, including building and construction management, architecture, interior architecture, and landscape architecture. We have strong connections with the professions, and given our location in the nation’s capital, have extensive networks into government institutions. The School of Design and the Built Environment, through it's strong professional linkages, has active, innovative and industry engaged staff and students who contribute to our broad society.

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Discipline Areas: Design, Interaction Design, Industrial Design, Building and Construction Management, Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Design Thinking, Design Strategy and Building Information Modelling.

Graduate Student Exhibitions: Each November, The University of Canberra’s flagship creative annual event, the Faculty of Arts & Design Graduating Student Exhibition is held by the Faculty of Arts and Design. This event features the applied work of our graduating students.

WORKSHOP7: W7 houses an expansive suite of technology ranging from 3D printing and other additive manufacturing, CNC manufacturing, laser cutting, to 3D visualisation, VR and AR. Supplementing these digital processes, is a wide range of manual equipment such as mills, lathes, bandsaws, welding machines, and a table saw on hand.  Find out more

Student Dashboard (2022)

Research Activities

Research Groups

Built Environment Research and Innovation Group (BERIG)

The Built Environment Research and Innovation Group (BERIG) is being formed as an intentionally multi-disciplinary group that will work with researchers, government bodies, the public sector, industry partners, and a range of professionals and trade bodies, to assist us all in advancing and improving our built environment. Learn more


International Building Quality Centre (IBQC)

The International Building Quality Centre is a preeminent international centre of excellence in terms of the identification of building regulatory systems and regimes that are international exemplars. Learn more