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Report a incident or hazard

All injuries to, or disease in any person that is caused as a result of operations that arose from any undertaking of the University, including traveling between a person's residence and work must be reported.

This includes:

  • Any workplace incident
  • Any workplace incident where the safety of a person (including an employee, student, contractor or visitor) was placed at risk
  • The occurrence of any injury (psychological or physical)
  • Hazards or near misses (i.e. events which have the potential to cause any of the above outcomes).

How to report workplace incidents and hazards

Document your incident, injury or hazard via the

Workplace Health and Safety Incident and Hazard Online Report Form

Note: All incidents must be reported within 12 hours of the incident occurring.

Notifiable Incidents

The University has an legislative obligation to report specified workplace safety incidents (known as notifiable incidents) to the ACT Workplace Health and Safety Authority: WorkSafe ACT.

For further information regarding notifiable incidents please visit the WorkSafe ACT website.

Note: Notifiable incidents must be reported to WorkSafe ACT IMMEDIATELY after becoming aware of the event.

This should be done by notifying the Health and Safety Manager, who will forward a report to WorkSafe ACT.


The objective of the investigation is to establish the direct and contributing cause(s) of the incident/hazard, so that corrective action can be adopted to prevent a future recurrence.

On receipt of an incident/hazard form Health and Safety will review the details and determine if further investigation is required.

Where requested, the incident/hazard should be promptly investigated (commencing within 24 hrs of notification) by the investigation team, which should include:

  • The supervisor/manager of the injured person
  • The person in charge of the area where the incident occurred oer hazard was identified
  • The involved Designated Work Group (DWG) nominated Health and Safety Representative (HSR).

The investigation and corrective actions are to be recorded on the Incident/Hazard Investigation Form and a copy returned to Health and Safety.