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About Faculty of Arts and Design

Design, Create, Communicate

Before we delve deeper into the range of courses offered within the Faculty of Arts and Design, why not show you exactly what makes our Faculty, our Staff and our Students so unique:

The Faculty of Arts and Design encompasses everything that is creative. We work with you to bring your concepts and ideas into practical reality. 

Our teaching and research expertise lies in the areas of:

Studies in Communication will prepare you for an exciting career in the advertising or public relations professions, or in political communication. You'll learn how to produce advertisements and how advertising agencies decide whether to put them on television, radio and websites or in newspapers. You'll learn how to use social and traditional media to help organisations engage with people who are important to them, or to promote their products and services. Or you could study how all of us get to hear about political issues or participate in politics. And you'll do a practical internship to get real-world experience. Choose from the below degrees to find out more:

Undergraduate Studies in Communication

Postgraduate Studies in Communication

Design and Architecture studies will provide you with an outstanding range of options leading to exciting professional careers. Each course will teach you how to transform your creative ideas and concepts into reality, you will learn everything from scratch. You'll enjoy countless hours of practical experience working on various projects in our Design studios and workshops. The Graduation Studio will enable you and your classmates to contribute to, plan and host your own end of year exhibition, showcasing your best work to the general public and the wider Design community in and around Canberra.

There are many opportunities for work integrated learning and networking in our Discipline. For example, just recently, our 2nd and 3rd year Architecture students had the opportunity to assist our academics in guiding and tutoring high school students who participated in the Young Designers Light Rail Ideas Competition, which was hosted by the ACT Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects in conjunction with the University of Canberra, and proudly supported by Capital Metro.

Media Arts & Graphic Design encompasses everything that is visually creative and innovative across all media platforms. Our discipline has a strong and vital focus on practical learning and experience. Our students benefit from work placements, real-life industry projects, as well as Faculty Led Programs taking them to exciting destinations such as Singapore, Shanghai (China) and Kobe (Japan) for a unique international perspective on their chosen creative industry.

Can you see yourself making a music video like this one? Lucy Lovegrove, Media Arts and Production graduate showcasing her skills:

The Humanities at UC are all about understanding cultural diversity- whether from the point of view of international relations and development, or understanding and conserving the irreplaceable cultural heritage of all peoples.

Our students were involved in the restoration and refurbishing of the old Futuro 'spaceship' which landed at UC back in 2011. This was a massive 3 year project for the university as well as the greater community in Canberra.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Journalism & Creative Writing is about nurturing and enhancing your extraordinary ability to move, touch and influence people with your own written words. Over the years, we've helped many writers develop their talents to become successful in everything from books to film, from newspapers to the Internet. 

Undergraduate Studies in Journalism & Creative Writing

Postgraduate Studies in Journalism & Creative Writing