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About Faculty of Arts and Design

Design, Create, Communicate

Before we delve deeper into the range of courses offered within the Faculty of Arts and Design, why not show you exactly what makes our Faculty, our Staff and our Students so unique:

The Faculty of Arts and Design encompasses everything that is creative. We work with you to bring your concepts and ideas into practical reality. 

Our teaching and research expertise lies in the areas of:

The design of our cities prescribes the way we live both now and into the future. As the world’s population becomes increasingly urbanised, the need to develop sustainable urban designs, products and landscapes has never been greater.

Whether its urban planning, or the design of landscapes, architecture or the spaces or products within, bringing design in all its forms to fruition can be as invaluable to our condition as it is rewarding as an experience.
Regardless of the specialisation you choose, do so in the knowledge that the abilities you attain during your program will prepare you well for an exciting career ahead.
Take your passion for creativity, add your imagination and turn your ideas into reality through our hands on approach to design workshops using the latest advancements in design software and 3D fabrication technologies.

Our team of highly regarded, international experts will help you as you gain a strong practical knowledge of design through industry-linked programs and work opportunities.
In addition to our facilities, an exciting component of our architecture and design degrees is an embedded opportunity for short term international experiences with our design partner institutions throughout Europe and Asia.

There are many opportunities for work integrated learning and networking in our Discipline. For example, just recently, our 2nd and 3rd year Architecture students had the opportunity to assist our academics in guiding and tutoring high school students who participated in the Young Designers Light Rail Ideas Competition, which was hosted by the ACT Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects in conjunction with the University of Canberra, and proudly supported by Capital Metro.

So if you want to influence the cities in which we live, you want to design the buildings and landscapes in which we work, rest and play, or if you want create the products we use everyday, then studying a specialised design degree at the University of Canberra is the right choice.

The ability to communicate clearly, effectively and decisively in today’s world is fundamental to the ways we live, work, and connect. Studying your communications degree at will prepare you for an exciting career across the city, across the country or across the globe. Your program will prepare you for a world where the challenges posed by global digital village.

We live in a world soaked in media. The ability to organise, understand and direct the communication flow helps us make sense of who we are, where we are and our connection to the broader world.
Our degrees are industry focussed and incorporate a practical internship. These are real-world experience gained through our professional industry links. Studying communications at the University of puts you in the heart of Australia’s political world. Choose from the below degrees to find out more:

Undergraduate Studies in Communication and Media

Postgraduate Studies in Communication and Media

Research in Communication and Media

No matter where you interests lie our suite of Creative Production degrees will broaden your horizons take you further than you dare to dream. Show your creativity in Film & Media, Graphics, Web and Creative Writing at the University of Canberra the emphases is on production.

International study experiences are a central aspect to many of our degrees. Students have the choice of a semester study abroad, overseas internship placement or study tour. Overseas study allows you to meet university and industry partners, adds to your hands on experience, gives you international networks as you grow professionally and personally.

Our creative production degrees are practical - from production studio or project based activities to internship placements in local, national, governmental and NGO organisations.
So when creativity is your passion, turn that passion into a creative degree at UC. You’ll be surprised at where it might take you……

Undergraduate Studies in Creative and Cultural Practice

Postgraduate Studies in Creative and Cultural Practice

Can you see yourself making a music video like this one? Lucy Lovegrove, Media Arts and Production graduate showcasing her skills: