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Canvas Articles

  1. Rebecca with child

    Leave a Legacy for the Next Generation

    As a foster mother of five children, Rebecca now devotes her life both at work and at home to supporting children and carers in the ACT to grow, heal and develop together. read more
  2. Kate - Judo Australia

    When Law and Sport Come Together

    The expectations on sporting administrators – who are predominantly volunteers – are relentless and becoming even more so. Participants in sport, from grassroots to elite, expect a professional approach from their club and State and National boards. read more
  3. Bec Goddard Action shot

    Born with Passion for the Game

    As a child Bec was a keen footballer and her family were hugely involved in the Belconnen Football Club. At the age of 13, however, she was forced to stop because there was no girls’ competition and girls weren’t eligible to compete with boys from this age. read more
  4. Deborah with frog

    Teaching the Fascinating Secrets of the Biological World

    Increasing human modifications to the Earth including climate change are threatening a million species with extinction globally. Everyone can contribute to environmental conservation by asking their local politicians to take action to conserve species and invest in renewable energy. We can also help by supporting businesses that are using climate sensitive processes and by offsetting our own carbon emissions through the United Nations carbon offset program. read more