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Canvas Articles

  1. David in Lab

    Can Robots Change the World?

    David’s PhD research at UC focuses on developing robots that can efficiently recycle clothing – as this is one of the largest contributors to landfill. Globally we produce about 80 billion new pieces of clothing annually. In Australia, we currently send 85% of the textiles we buy to landfill every year. Alarmingly, clothes with synthetic fibres are essentially made from plastics based on petroleum, meaning they could take up to a thousand years to biodegrade. If that wasn’t bad enough, they also release micro plastic fibres when washed. read more
  2. Bali recon board

    Science with Incredible Impact

    Linzi has achieved a profound impact to establish and implement systems and policies in forensic science. And whilst policies may seem mundane to the everyday person, it is through that work that we now have established national processes to collect DNA samples for example, which has had a massive impact on cold case reviews, crime scene analysis and major incidences. read more
  3. Sally Midwife of the Year Awards

    Behind the Scenes of a Midwife

    I go home every day knowing I’ve done something useful, in some small way, for someone. I get to walk alongside and support women and their new families on their pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal journeys. read more
  4. Karel on the ward

    Improving Health Outcomes for Aboriginal Women

    Karel has led an impressive career in improving health outcomes for Aboriginal women and their babies as both a midwife and as a leader in Indigenous policy development. Throughout Karel’s career, she has played a key role in coordinating Aboriginal dialogue from across Australia which led to the 2017 National Constitutional Convention and the ‘Uluru Statement From the Heart’. The statement calls for the establishment of a First Nations Voice enshrined in the Constitution. read more