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GLOCAL is an award winning project.

2019Malaspina Award 2019Universidad Loyola Andalucia (Spain)
2019ACT Mental Health Month Award for Research, Evaluation and Quality Improvement (MHCC & ACT Govt.)ANU Centre for Mental Health Research

ACT Government Health Improvement

ANU Centre for Mental Health Research
?APANerea Almeda
(ANU & Loyola)
2019Grace GroomMaryAnne Fust (ANU)
2006National CHHI-Ramón Areces Award (Fundación del Colegio de Huérfanos de Hacienda (CHHI) y Fundación Ramón Areces. Spain)PSICOST DESDE Project
1998II IMSERSO National Research Award (National Institute on Ageing and Disabilities (IMSERSO) Spain)PSICOST(Costs of social & health care for Schizophrenia in Spain)