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Professional Learning Community


In this program of research we explore global perspectives of professional learning communities and school leadership. Professional learning communities are defined, understood and enacted differently in diversified contexts. Through a sociocultural and comparative study lens, we endeavour to expand our understandings about the dynamics and complexity of teacher professional learning and school leadership for effective teaching and learning in different sociocultural contexts.

Current Projects

The Professional Learning Community (PLC) Imperative: how schools navigate the dynamics of systemic and school-based demands in PLC implementation

This study investigates perceptions of PLC implementation in UC Affiliated Schools. It also examines how schools navigate the dynamics of system and school-based demands to develop PLCs and factors which have enabled and impeded their implementation. The research will also provide system-level recommendations to improve PLC potential in ACT public schools.

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Completed Projects

For further information on the Professional Learning Community program of research, please contact Prof Ting Wang.