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UC has had an exceptional reputation for training water scientists for over two decades. UC graduates are well regarded for their practical focus and ‘work ready’ nature.

CAWS recruits and enable excellent students through competitive stipend top-ups and travel funds. Students are actively engaged in research production through inclusion in grant writing and paper writing workshops and a weekly laboratory meeting which emphasises scholarship and oral communication skills. These programs are offered in partnership with the Institute for Applied Ecology, Faculty of Science and Technology and University programs. CAWS works with the Institute for Applied Ecology and Faculty of Science and Technology to develop a shared culture of support and excellence for graduate students. This emphasises the importance of collaborating across disciplines, exposure to a wide range of scientific approaches and fields, and a focus on collegiality.

CAWS engages with the Faculty of Science and Technology’s under-graduate research placement program and the Honours program to enhance these experiences and ensure that they are integrated into Centre’s activities.