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Applying to join UC CIRI Executive Committee

UC CIRI – the University of Canberra’s Collaborative Indigenous Research Initiative – is calling for Expressions of Interest from UC staff, students and adjuncts for appointment as members of the UC CIRI Executive Committee. Preference is given to those applications from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander UC staff, UC students or UC adjuncts.

UC CIRI is a network of researchers committed to Indigenous research. UC CIRI supports collaboration among UC's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous staff and fosters local, national and international partnerships. UC CIRI works with existing Research Institutes, Centres and Faculties to promote, connect and enhance the University of Canberra’s (UC) Indigenous research interests.

UC CIRI is led by an Executive Committee of Indigenous and non-Indigenous members, appointed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation (DVC-R&I). The committee is made up of no more than 50% non-Indigenous members.

The responsibilities of the Executive Committee are:

To revise and implement the UC CIRI Strategic Plan with the approval of the DVC-R&I including:

  1. Collaborating with Indigenous communities and multidisciplinary researchers to promote Indigenous advantage
  2. Focusing collaborative research efforts on urgent and important national challenges of redressing Indigenous disadvantage
  3. Designing, implementing and managing a research and scholarship funding program as approved by the DVC-R&I in consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, UC CIRI members and other stakeholders
  4. Developing the capacity to build awareness, engage, inform and connect the UC CIRI network to UC Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous researchers
  5. Growing multi-disciplinary, integrated Indigenous research quality, capacity and outputs
  6. Establishing collaborative relationships to grow influence and impact
  7. Establishing commitments to Indigenous research from the University of Canberra’s Research Institutes and Faculties
  8. Implementing appropriate governance to support UC CIRI
  9. Securing resources to grow the activities and impact of UC CIRI
  10. Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander under and post-graduate students and academics to thrive at the University of Canberra and beyond
  11. Contributing to the achievement of the Research Portfolio’s Reconciliation Action Plan objectives

Appointments to the UC CIRI Executive Committee are made by the DVC-R&I for a period of two years. Re-appointment can be made for additional terms at the discretion of the DVC-R&I. The committee will meet approximately six times per year.

What to Include in Your EOI

  • Maximum of 3 pages
  • Brief career history
  • Your reasons for applying
  • The contribution you will bring to UC CIRI
  • Your contact details
  • Names and contact details of 2 referees

Send your application to

If you have any questions please call Tamara Posch, UC CIRI Secretariat, on 02 6206 8678.