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Student led healthcare for Belconnen and the wider Canberra community

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At the UC Psychology Clinic we offer low cost evidence-based psychological services to UC students and the community. Sessions are conducted by Provisional Psychologists who are in their fifth year of psychology training and completing their Masters/PhD in Clinical Psychology degree. The Provisional Psychologists are accredited to practice under the close supervision of Clinical Psychologists, to ensure best practice and standards, high-quality treatment plans are completed for each client.

We operate Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday between 9:00am - 5:00pm.

The UC Psychology Clinic works with children (7 years+), adolescents and adults who are experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues. Specifically, the Clinic has expertise in treating presentations of:

  • Anxiety disorders;
  • Mood disorders;
  • Self-esteem;
  • Stress related concerns, grief & adjustment;
  • Anger management & dysregulated emotion;
  • Sleep issues; and
  • Social skills.

If a referral is deemed suitable for treatment in the clinic an initial 80-minute assessment session will be booked. Following the assessment process, a specific treatment plan will be developed by the provisional psychologist and clinical supervisor to guide future treatment. Subsequent sessions will last 50 minutes and be scheduled weekly.

Referrals for individual therapy are accepted throughout the year, however at times the intake can be closed due to high demand. Please contact the UC Health Clinics reception for information on the expected wait-list time frames.

Group Programs

The UC Psychology Clinic regularly offers a number of evidence-based group programs, including Cool Kids (aimed at children with anxiety), Chilled (aimed at adolescents with anxiety), Putting Off Procrastination (aimed at students and adults struggling with procrastination) and Surviving Stress (aimed at students and adults struggling with stress management). For more information about the group programs currently on offer, please call the UC Health Clinics Reception.

Cognitive Assessments

The UC Psychology Clinic offers cognitive assessments for a range of presenting concerns including intellectual disability, school-based achievement and academic giftedness, general cognitive ability and specific learning disorders (e.g., dyslexia). We also offer assessment of ADHD for adults. At the current time, we do not offer assessments of ADHD for children, nor assessments of autism spectrum disorder for any age group. Person-centred feedback and recommendations are provided in person and in written reports.

Referrals for cognitive assessments are open all year, however there can be a delay before individuals are contacted to determine their eligibility for the clinic. Assessments are usually conducted from June to November each year, though this can vary depending on the capacity of the Clinic. Please contact the UC Health Clinics Reception for information on expected wait-list timeframes.


If you are interested in accessing individual therapy, group therapy or an assessment from the UC Psychology Clinic, please contact the UC Health Clinics Reception to place your name on the relevant referral list. Self-referrals are accepted, as are referrals from other professionals such as GPs, school psychologists and other health professionals.

Once referred to the clinic you will be contacted by a provisional psychologist who will assess your suitability for the clinic over the phone. If a referral is considered to meet our exclusion criteria, we will provide a range of more suitable referral options to support you.

Please note: As the UC Psychology Clinic is a training clinic, ethical guidelines denote that there are certain presentations we are not equipped to treat. Therefore, we are not a suitable service for clients presenting with significant behavioural issues, trauma, eating concerns, risk/self-harm behaviour or more complex presentations. Additionally, due to potential conflicts of interest we do not provide services to UC students studying psychology or students expecting to complete placements at the UC Health Clinics.


Initial therapy session $65 ($45 full-time university students)
Subsequent therapy sessions

$45 ($30 full-time university students)

Assessments$750 - $950 (depending on complexity)

Opening hours

Monday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Tuesday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Friday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Weekends and Public Holidays Closed

In response to the situation with COVID-19, we are offering telehealth services. Please call us to make an appointment.

Depending on your required service we operate out of two locations on the UC Campus in Bruce.

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