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Occupational Therapy

Student led healthcare for Belconnen and the wider Canberra community

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The University of Canberra Occupational Therapy Clinic supports children (aged 3-11) and their families to develop skills for participation in everyday activities.

We aim to help children and young people develop confidence and build their skills so that they are able to achieve their potential. We don’t focus on the limitations but on the possibilities and the strengths that each child possesses.

Services are provided by students under supervision of a registered Occupational Therapist. We have a collaborative approach where students work with young people and their families to set goals and work on solutions together. Caregivers share their experience in supporting their children and Occupational Therapy students help to develop strategies to further support skill development in the home and school environment.

Occupational Therapists provide assessment and support to develop:

  • independence in self care such as dressing, using cutlery
  • participation in play, social and recreational activities
  • handwriting and alternatives to handwriting
  • other skills for school and preschool
  • strategies to stay calm, focused and organized
  • skills to manage sensory processing and learning difficulties in everyday life.

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