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Information for international students

Study, course options and support

If you are continuing with your studies and need assistance with your study plan, please consult with your Faculty for advice regarding course load, unit options, enrolment, and remote study options.

You can also contact if you have any questions relating to your studies and if you need any support.

Visa considerations

It is important to ensure that while in Australia you remain on a valid visa that permits study.

For international students offshore, please note that a valid Student visa will be a requirement to return to Canberra.

The Department of Home Affairs has announced a range of COVID-19 related measures relevant to Student Visa holders, this includes changes to the Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485 visa), which will enable online study undertaken outside of Australia from the time of the Student Visa grant.

More information is available on the Department of Home Affairs website.

International students currently in Australia

If you are currently in Australia, please monitor the Department of Home Affairs website, which provides guidance on travel for  student visaholders.

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