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Contextualising nurse-patient care

Andy Visser

13 February 2019: Complex human interactions coupled with interruptions, staff variables and differing patient needs are part of every nurse’s day. But this is exactly what nurses are trained for.

A simulation of a typical nurse-patient interaction to demonstrate the process of patient care for an elderly or chronically ill patient has resulted in the development of a multifaceted videographic that may have far reaching benefits for the nursing profession.

Assistant Professor in nursing at the University of Canberra Dr Kasia Bail has, through the development of this videographic, demystified what may be construed as ‘chit chat’ between nurses and patients; and contextualised it for the clinical process of evaluating, assessing, diagnosing and advising that it is.

Dr Bail believes that with better understanding of the various aspects involved in providing quality patient care the potential to improve in-ward processes can be achieved.

“Apart from being a functional nursing education and training aid, the videographic can further support the development of IT solutions, for example,” said Dr Bail.

Nurses function at optimal levels and complete over 72 tasks per hour. A well-constructed IT program could assist nurses to manage workflows and record patient information without compromising patient care.

“Patient interaction is a nurse’s foremost priority and well-constructed programs can streamline communication, admission processes, record keeping and allocation of resources that will ultimately see patients benefiting from enhanced patient care,” concluded Dr Bail.

Link to videographic: