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External faculty review

The University has implemented an external faculty review process, as required by the higher education sector regulator, the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and in line with sector best practice. While the specific review processes vary between institutions, there are some common principles and procedures, including:

  • appointment of external assessors
  • compilation of comprehensive documentation and data by the faculty to support the review process
  • development of a Faculty Self-Assessment Report or Executive Dean Report
  • engagement with appropriate members of the faculty undergoing review and opportunity for all interested faculty, students, staff and other stakeholders to provide confidential feedback.

These elements have been incorporated in the University of Canberra External Review process for the faculty external reviews. Faculty activity and performance is evaluated against standard terms of reference while also considering current and future objectives of the faculty and the University. Oversight of the review and governance of the review mechanism is provided by the University Executive.

Scope of review

The review determines the extent to which the faculty has contributed to the University’s Strategic Plan, achieved its objectives and those of the University, and addressed challenges and opportunities to ensure sustainability and viability.

The reviews recognise good practices, successful outcomes and faculty strengths, and provide recommendations for improvements in practices, performance or approach to assure and continually improve quality. The reviews also identifies approaches to ensure sustainability and viability by addressing challenges and reflecting on opportunities now and into the future.


The feedback mechanism is designed to collect quantitative and qualitative data to enable the perspectives of stakeholders on particular themes concerned with the performance of the Faculty, to be incorporated into the review process. The feedback from stakeholders is collated and provided directly to the External Review Panel for analysis and consideration in their assessment of Faculty performance. Comments may also be included in the final Panel Review Report.

External Faculty Review Terms of Reference