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Winners of UC Awards and Citations

Winners of the University Teaching Excellence Awards for 2021

The winners of each of the UC Awards and Citations in 2020 are listed below. For further details on the Awards and Citations for 2021, please visit the Awards page on the staff intranet.

UC Awards for Teaching Excellence

  • Winner: Dr Nick Ball, Faculty  of Health
  • Winner: Dr Jacquelin Bousie, Faculty of Health

UC Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning (Team Award)

  • Winner: The Physiotherapy Across the Ages Team , Faculty of Health
    (Dr Angie Fearon, Ms Melanie Ryan, Mr Richie Talbot)

UC Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

  • Winner: The Restorative Healthcare Team
    (Dr Holly Northam, Dr Wayne Applebee, Ms Roslyn Brown, Dr Angie Fearon. Ms Naomi Mahon, Mr Allan Sambono)
  • Winner: The Investigating and Explaining Society Team, Faculty of BGL
    (Dr Selen Ayirtman Ercan, Dr Nicole Curato, Miss Nardine Alnemr, Dr Hans Asenbaum, Miss Anne Jedzini, Mr Nick Vlahos)
  • Winner: Dr  Jonathan Adams, Faculty of Education
  • Winner: Dr Paul Magee, Faculty of Arts and Design
  • Commendations: Dr Shyam Barr, Faculty of Education; Dr Blooma John, Faculty of Science and Technology; Dr Mathieu O'Neil, Faculty of Arts and Design.