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Course Advice and Suitability for the Profession Interview (CASPI)

This page has important information for people who have been made a conditional offer to study a Postgraduate (PG) teaching qualification at the University of Canberra.

In line with National Standards (Program Standard 3.2) for entry into an Initial Teacher Education program, we are pleased now to invite you to undertake a CASPI.

This is a great opportunity to tell us more about yourself, and we appreciate the time and effort you will be putting into this interview. In doing so, you will be assisting the Faculty to get to know you better before you arrive, and confirm your eligibility for admission. The questions you will be asked are designed to assess your ability to meet the inherent requirements for teaching as identified in the Statement of Inherent Requirements - click to access a pdf of the Statement of Inherent Requirements.

The CASPI is completed online. Once you receive a conditional offer from the Admissions Office, you will need to follow the procedures below to set up an online interview.

Online process

To start the online process, please access: Course Advice and Suitability for the Profession Interview (CASPI) follow the instructions and be sure to include your

  • Full name
  • Applicant ID number
  • Preferred email address, and
  • Indicate whether your conditional offer is for the:
    • Master of Primary Teaching (EDM001), or
    • Master of Secondary Teaching (EDM101).

The online CASPI itself will take no longer than 30 minutes, which allows for set-up and 15 minutes for completing the 5 interview questions.

Depending on the question, you will have between 1 ½ to 2 minutes to answer each question. In the final question, you will have 2 minutes to ask any course related questions and provide comments.

More Information

If you require more information regarding the PG teaching degree or the Course Advice and Suitability for the Profession Interview (CASPI), please email