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The Professional Experience component of Teacher Education is conducted in partnership with schools. The UC Faculty of Education values the professional expertise of participating schools, and our professional partnership.

To achieve the desired outcomes of Professional Experience, all participants need a clear understanding of their own role and responsibilities and familiarity with the role and responsibilities of others. The relationship between participants is based on clear communication and cooperation.


When Preservice Teachers (PSTs) are assigned to a school they are under the administrative responsibility of the Principal.


The SPEC is appointed by the Principal to coordinate and oversee the smooth running of Professional Experience within the school. The SPEC is regarded as holding a unique pedagogical role: a ‘leader of learning’ within the school that enhances the PST experience.


The MT has a vital role in the professional learning of PSTs: fostering their development as functional teachers (socialisation) and  encouraging them to reflect on their beliefs, practices and understandings in light of their new experiences (teacher identity).

UC’s PSTs are particularly encouraged to see themselves as beginning teachers (rather than ‘student’ teachers) and to consider the professional responsibilities and attitudes required of them. The support of schools in helping a PST assume that perspective and have experiences that develop them as Graduate teachers is essential, and very much appreciated.Mentor's Dillybag Poster

The Mentor’s Dillybag has been developed to help MTs understand and execute their specific role. The information contained therein is also relevant to other members of the school Professional Experience team.

Please click on this link to open the Mentor’s Dillybag and explore the contents.