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Creative Lab

The Creative Lab is an experimental space designed for Arts students where they can discuss, define, prepare, develop and produce their own individual creative project.

Creative Lab assists students to think in practical ways about how to turn their creative ideas into reality. They do this by: identifying outlets and audiences for their creative work; considering ways to secure exposure for their work and market it to an audience; how to link their creative work into existing communities of practice; how to develop applied skills to build their creative work, and to reflect on their successes and failures in order to better understand their own creative practice.

students with staff

The main takeaways I have from this project are to take pride in my own small creative accomplishments because while they don’t lead straight away, or even logically, to professional success, they can impact my creative work in lots of unexpected ways.

— Jessica McHenry, Creative Lab student and producer of TwentySeven, an online zine for creatives