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Court Notices and Subpoenas

Issuing of court notices, subpoenas and other requests for information

Address for Service

Documents should be addressed to “The Proper Officer” and delivered to:

University of Canberra
Legal Office
Building 1
11 Kirinari Street
Bruce ACT 2617
02 6201 5569


If issuing a subpoena, summons or notice for non-party production (collectively 'subpoena') to the University, the following procedures have been adopted by the University to enable staff to respond efficiently and effectively:

Time for compliance

Please allow at least 14 days before the date required for production to enable staff to search for and locate any documents that match the description in the subpoena.


Please make the description of documents to be produced as specific as possible as this will ensure that the issuing party receives the documents required for the proceedings, without unnecessarily burdening the University by having to search for documents that are not required, but are covered by an excessively general scope. This includes supplying the following, where available:

  • Details about any person who is the subject of the subpoena, such as a date of birth or student/employee number
  • The type of documents required
  • The time period for which documents are required
  • Any specific areas of the University from which documents are sought.

Conduct money

The purpose of conduct money is to provide a reasonable recompense for the cost to UC of complying with a subpoena. Those costs include staff time in locating and searching records, resources involved in copying documents, and delivery of documents.

The University has assessed the minimum cost of handling a subpoena to be $75.00 (GST incl.) and requests that this sum be made available upon service of any subpoena. Cheques should be made out to "The University of Canberra". This amount will cover up to one hour of staff time searching records, copying up to 100 pages and delivery.

Where this amount is expected to be insufficient to cover the costs associated with a subpoena, the University will notify the issuing firm as soon as is practicable that additional costs may be incurred. Additional costs will be assessed at the following rates:

  • Staff time at $75.00 per hour
  • Photocopying documents at $0.20 per page
  • Professional time at $250.00 per hour

If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact the Legal Office in writing at the address shown above or via email to, or phone on 02 6201 5569.