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Material from Other Libraries

Use other libraries to access materials not held in UC's library.

You can do this by:

Material held by other libraries in Australian can be found by searching:

  • Trove - use Trove to locate items held in Australian Libraries. Sign up for a free account to access extra services.
    Trove incorporates the national database of Australian library holdings (Libraries Australia), digitised historic Australian newspapers, archived websites, digitised photographs, and other resources

Material held by international Libraries can be found by searching:

  • WorldCat Search more than 10,000 catalogues worldwide
  • ULANZ University Libraries of Australia and New Zealand

Publically Accessible Libraries

ACT Public Library System

Library membership is free to all people who live, work, visit or study in the ACT and surrounding district of the Canberra region. Proof of identity and proof of address are required to join. Complete the ACT Libraries membership form, or visit one of the branches in person.

National Library of Australia (NLA)

All permanent residents of Australia are eligible to access the NLA and its collection. However, in order to use the library collection you must apply for a National Library of Australia library card.

Reciprocal borrowing:

This is when you can have access to another university/institutions library because you are a staff or student of UC. It is set up for you by the ULANZ scheme.

Information about the scheme can be found at the University Library Australia and New Zealand national borrowing scheme's site.

In most cases you will need to contact the relevant library, visit them and provide photo ID and evidence of current enrolment/employment at UC (i.e. a current student/staff card).

Institutions in the ACT that you may be interested in applying for reciprocal borrowing privileges at include (for a full list of institutions for this scheme please visit ULANZ website):

Institution Do UC staff have access? Do UC students have access? Relevant Links
Australian Catholic University (ACU) Yes Yes
Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) - UNSW Yes Yes
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) Yes   Library contact details: Library@aihw
Australian National University (ANU) Yes (Please notes that fees will be charged by this institution) Yes (Please notes that fees will be charged by this institution)
Calvary Health Care ACT Yes Yes

Application must be made in person at the
Calvary Medical Library between 9am and
5pm Monday to Friday.

Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) Yes Yes
National Gallery of Australia Research Library (NGARL) Yes Yes (Honours, Masters or PhD students only)
National Sports Information Centre (NCIS) Yes Yes

According to the scheme your borrowing privileges with the other organisation are valid until the 28th February for the following year. At which point you will have to reapply for access.

If you have any questions about the scheme please contact the Library Service Desk on (+61) 2 6201 2953 or by email.

Place a document delivery request with UC Library

Interlibrary Loans & Document Delivery obtains items from other libraries, both within Australia and overseas, that are not held in the University of Canberra Library.

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