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Level B offers students a 24/7 space with:

  • Open plan seating for individuals or groups
  • Study cubicles
  • Power points to plug in your devices
  • Free UC WiFi
  • Computers
  • Autoloader to add printing, photocopying and scanning credit
  • Printing, and printing capability from your own device
  • Toilet facilities
  • Vending machines
  • Assistive Technology Room
  • UC Emergency phone - located inside the Security Office

After hours access to the Library Commons requires swipe access with your UC student card to enter the space.

Computers are available on all levels of the Library for student use.  There are eight express computers available on Level B.

Training Room 4, on Level A of the Library, has 16 computers available for student use when the room is not booked for training sessions.

Rooms are available in the Library for groups of students to book for presentation practice or group study during library opening hours.

Book Online

Terms & Conditions

  • Available to UC students ONLY (must use your UC student email)
  • For group study purposes only (minimum 2 people per room)
  • Limited to 3 hour bookings per group, per day
  • Can be booked 1 week in advance
  • Room held for only 15 minutes after the start of the booking time.

Information about the rooms available

NameLevelPCDVD Player**WhiteboardPlasma/LED TV
Group Study Room 1DYesPCYesNo
Group Study Room 2DYesPCYesNo
Group Study Room 3DYesPCYesNo
Group Study Room 4DYesPCYesNo
Group Study Room 5DYesPCYesNo
Group Study Room 6DYesPCYesNo
Group Study Room 7B Library CommonsYesPCYesNo
Group Study Room 8D40D Seats 8 peopleNoNo


Presentation Practice Room 1*BYesDual DVD/VHS playerYesPlasma
Presentation Practice Room 2*BYesPCYesLED

*The presentation practice rooms include large, wall mounted TV screens which can be used either with the room's PC or connected to a laptop via the cable provided.

**The PCs in each room have a built in DVD player. Presentation Practice Room 1 has a dedicated DVD and VHS player connected to the Plasma TV.

Telephones for on campus calls only are located:

  • Level A - Training Room 4
  • Level B - at the lift
  • Levels C & D at the lift doors

The Library provides black & white, and colour printing and photocopying.

Students can also print from their own device through the UC Student Web printing portal.

For more information and printing costs read the instructions available at each of the printers, or the library printing help page.

Two Self Check Loan machines are located on Level B which you can use to borrow books. One is in the foyer for loaning of books from the General collection and books with a 7 day loan period, and the other is in the Short Loan collection for books with a 3 hour and 3 day loan period. You must have a current borrower card.

Please note that audio visual items cannot be loaned using the machines.

The Library has an Assistive Technology room on Level B the Library Commons. You will need to be registered with Inclusion and Engagement to access the room with your UC student card.

There are four PCs in the room, a printer, and a scanner. Software includes: WYNN, JAWS, DRAGON and ZOOMTEXT.

Lockers with keys are available from Inclusion and Engagement, on payment of a deposit; there is also internal telephone, and an emergency buzzer.

The room will sometimes be booked for supervised exams.

The Library has been divided into different zones to meet a range of study needs for individuals and groups:

  • Level B - The Library Commons, Moderate study zone, and Silent study room. 
  • Level C - Quiet study zone, and chill out area.
  • Level D - Silent study zone only.

3D Printing is available in the Library for UC staff and students. The cost of the printing is $5.00 per hour plus GST.

3D Printers in the Library

Machine: 3DGence ONE
Maximum build size: 235x255x195 mm
Accepted job files: .stl  (Not all .stl files are printable. You are responsible for ensuring the file is print-ready.)
Maximum file size: 8MB
Print quality: medium or fast                                                                                                                                       
Colours: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Silver, Translucent Blue, Translucent Pink, and Translucent Yellow  

Print material: PLA (Polylactic Acid) - Note that PLA is NOT food grade material.                                                                                                                                                                      

3D Printing Procedure

1. Have your 3D model ready. Free, ready-to-print designs can be downloaded from sites such as or you can create your own design using 3D modelling software, such as AutoCAD, 3ds Max.
2. Save your 3D model as an .stl file. 
3. Submit a 3D printing request.  
4. Library staff will calculate the total cost and will respond to you by email with this information. Your job will be printed upon receipt of payment.
5. The Library staff will notify you by email when your model is ready to be collected from the Library.

Request 3D Printing

Pay for 3D Printing

Terms and Conditions

1. Print jobs will only be run after payment has been received.
2. Print jobs will only be re-run if there is a machine fault.
3. Library staff are unable to guarantee that a print job will be successful and are unable to assist in the design of models. 
4. Library staff reserve the right to refuse any submission, including those that are:

  • prohibited by Australian law
  • in violation of another's intellectual property rights
  • unsafe, harmful and dangerous

5. Print jobs can be picked up from the Library during business hours, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.
6. Use of this service must comply with obligations under the Student Charter, Charter of Conduct and Values, Copyright at UC, and the Library Rules. For information on copyright and 3D Printing, see the Copyright Act, 1968 and the 3D Printing & Copyright information from the Australian Copyright Council.

Quality of prints

You will receive your print as is from the printer, and you may be required to do some clean up. This usually includes removal of rafts and supports.

You may see slight imperfections in the prints. Small bumps, holes, or rough edges on the object may occur with 3D printing. There may be some instances where objects with multiple pieces or moving parts do not precisely fit together. Slight shrinkage may occur.

Examples of 3D printed models


Unicorn by Geoffro

3d printed unicorn head

Eiffel Tower by Miketulen123

3d printed eiffel tower

3D Art

3d art

Heart by danowall

3d printed hearts