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Going-home Checklist

Returning home after years studying abroad is a fascinating event that you certainly look forward to. Proud parents, home-cooked meals, delicious authentic food... Oh home sweet home.

Much as you are excited and overwhelmed with farewell parties, don't let this carry you away! Planning in advance will save you a lot of troubles in the future and enable you to leave Australia with happy memories.



WhenWhatTaskTick box
Early planningGraduationUpdate your completion date on My UC
Visitor visaIf your visa expires before your graduation ceremony in Australia, apply for a tourist visa
TranscriptIf you need a copy before graduation, pay 10 dollars at Service One in student central and present this receipt to a Student Centre staff to get a copy. Make sure you take a ticket from the ticket machine.
PassportEnsure your passport and visa date is valid. Contact your embassy or the Department of Immigration if you need to renew your passport. Have the right visas if you stop over in other countries.
FlightsBook your flights home and confirm travel arrangements
PackingAllow 4-6 weeks to sort out and pack your belongings

If you have earned an income and paid tax, lodge a tax return. Contact your super fund to find out how to make a claim after you depart Australia for good.

ChildrenNotify the school or childcare centre of your family's departure date
PetsOrganise to take pets with you or give give them away to a good home
RentingNotify your landlord or estate agent in writing at least 4 weeks before you plan to move out.
About a monthFreightCheck freight costs and organise how to send your things home if necessary
Airport ruleCheck customs and quarantine rules to see what you can take home
Outstanding debtPay any unpaid university fees or fines
Health coverSubmit any outstanding Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) claims or apply for a refund
RentingOrganise the inspection before you return the keys. Request a bond refund.

Arrange to have all phone, gas, water, and electricity bill schedulely disconnected. Pay all outstanding bills.
Last few daysContact detailsUpdate My UC with your overseas address
MailAsk the Post Office to forward your mail. Fees applied.
Keep in touchRegister your details with the Alumni Office
Bank accountsClose your bank accounts
Borrowed itemsReturn borrowed library books, videos, household items, etc.
FarewellMake time to say goodbye to friends that you've made here, staff that you know and people that you adore.

Now that you've done all of those, tell the world you are coming home!

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