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UC Workplace Giving (for UC staff members)

About Workplace Giving at UC

Gifts from our staff are extremely valuable to the University. Workplace Giving demonstrates that we believe in the mission of our University, the importance of higher education and the student experience. This in turn encourages increased support from alumni, foundations, philanthropists and friends of UC. Nicholas Klomp, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education and Workplace Giving donor says:

Employees who engage in Workplace Giving demonstrate that working at the UC is not just a job; they care about what they do, care about the students' future and want to make a genuine difference to society.

For an easy yet significant way to provide ongoing support, you can sign up to the Workplace Giving Program , which is a part of the pre-tax salary-deduction process.

A $10 donation will only cost $6.85 if you're on the 32.5% marginal tax rate. At the highest marginal rate of 48.5% your donation will cost even less - only $5.15.

The Foundation receives the full $10 donation.

The Foundation is making a difference now and for the future; funding scholarships for the most in need and building our endowment to ensure that the University of Canberra can continue to grow. If every staff member committed to a fortnightly $10 donation, in one year we would raise $248,000.

Workplace giving is an easy way for University of Canberra employees to donate to the Foundation through regular payments deducted from their pre-tax salary. Simply sign up and your donation will be deducted every pay period.

No need to claim back in your tax return at the end of the year.

As a staff donor, you can choose to contribute to any or all of the following:

Our current scholarship program supports Indigenous, Refugee, Rural/Regional students and students with a disability. These are the most under-represented groups in Australian Higher Education. We currently support 24 students each year and more can be done with your help.

A typical full-time student can expect to pay $400-$800 a semester for textbooks, and upwards of $1,000 in some courses. The average Youth Allowance income for a student studying full-time is $414.40 a fortnight. A semester worth of textbooks could cost an entire month of their Centrelink payment, and they still have to find money to pay for food, rent and transport.

The UC Foundation Textbook Fund aims to ease the financial burden and associated stress on students through small grants to assist with textbook purchases.

To help create permanent income for scholarships, research and other key areas of need.

Gifts to the UC Endowment can impact a wide range of University functions and have the potential to touch the lives of whole generations of students. When the endowment builds, the interest generated will fund a range of scholarships, research and infrastructure projects over time.

Sign up to Workplace Giving

Please note: only Full-time and Part-time University of Canberra staff members are eligible to contribute through Workplace Giving.

Casual Staff

Casual staff are not able to give through the Workplace Giving Program because of the specific nature of their payroll. However you can make one-off donations to an area of your choice by giving today.