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kids sitting on the University of Canberra foundation stoneAn individual's lifetime is limited, institutions like universities sustain for generations. Endowments ensure that adequate provision is made for the University and its students, faculty and facilities of today and tomorrow.

Endowed gifts are invested, with the generated income used to fund areas of need or donor designated purpose. This means that the principal gift is untouched and continues to grow over time to generate a steady, reliable source of income in perpetuity. Hence your endowed gift will help provide us with a lasting and reliable source of income, making a difference year after year, generation after generation.

You can contribute towards the UC Endowment, which has been built and is managed by the Foundation to support a wide range of University functions in the years to come. The UC Endowment comprises of two distinct endowment categories;

Foundation Endowment - which comprises of general, unrestricted funds which can be directed towards areas of critical need, and;

Other Designated endowments - for donor specified purposes.

Support the UC Foundation Endowment by giving online today.

Alternatively, you can create your own endowed fund for a purpose/project that you feel passionate about. Please contact the Foundation team for assistance.