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Council Secretariat

The role of the Council Secretariat is to promote good governance and provide a high level of support to Council and its committees. This includes:

  • providing executive support to the Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor;
  • providing support to the advisory committees of Council;
  • facilitating the induction of new Council members on the advice of the Chancellor;
  • considering any relevant legislation and policies relating to agenda items;
  • coordinating the production and distribution of Council papers;
  • assisting with the agenda setting and consulting over meeting minutes;
  • ensuring Council meets its statutory obligations in relation to financial statements, reporting and governance protocols;
  • ensuring the Chancellor is briefed in relation to any matters of potential conflict between the Council and the University; and
  • obtaining legal advice required by Council and advising it about policy and procedural matters.


Eric Wells
General Counsel and University Secretary 
Phone: 02 6201 2026

Natalie Nixon
Deputy Secretary to Council
Phone: 02 6206 8349


Templates are provided to assist with the preparation of agenda items.