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Academic Board

The University of Canberra Act 1989 establishes the Academic Board which, subject to the Statutes, is responsible under the Council for all academic matters relating to the University; and may advise the Council on any matter relating to education, learning or research or the academic work of the University.

The University of Canberra (Academic Board) Statute 2011 (formerly Academic Board Statute 1990 (Statute No. 1) and the University of Canberra Academic Board Rules 2011 (147Kb PDF) also governs the work of the Board and amongst other matters sets out its responsibilities, powers and membership in more detail.

The Academic Governance Handbook gives an overview of the Governance at the University of Canberra, Academic Board and its sub-committees, roles and responsibilities of members, administrative processes and meeting protocols, and quality assurance.


The Board consists of the following members:

  • Vice-Chancellor or his or her nominee;
  • Chairperson appointed by Council;
  • Heads of the Faculties determined by Council;
  • Heads of other bodies designated by the Council (currently the head of the Ngunnawal Centre);
  • the Deputy Vice-Chancellors appointed by Council;
  • up to four professors elected by the members of the academic staff who have been appointed as professor by the Council;
  • one member of the academic staff of each Faculty elected by the academic staff members of that Faculty;
  • the member of the academic staff elected to Council;
  • the member of the general staff elected to Council;
  • one undergraduate and one postgraduate student elected by the students of the University;
  • the person or persons (if any) appointed by the Council after receiving the advice of the Board.

Other Committees of Academic Board

Schedule of Meetings

To enable agendas to be prepared and distributed in a timely manner papers for the agenda should normally be provided to the Secretary by 10am ten working days before the meeting.

Meetings of Academic Board are held in the Council Room on Mondays at 2.30pm and are normally of two hours duration.

From time to time special meetings of Academic Board may be arranged to address issues of a pressing nature.

Details of meeting dates are here.

Minutes of meetings

Minutes of Academic Board and its Committees are available online in PDF format to members of the University.