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2018 Student Support Appeal

Changing lives by degrees

Your support will help change lives.

Donations can be made to two key areas that help support and empower UC students.


 UC Foundation Scholarships support the most underrepresented groups in Australian higher education. Our current focus is providing scholarships to Indigenous, rural and remote, and refugee students, and students with a disability.

A scholarship is a powerful tool in helping remove barriers to accessing quality education for our most disadvantaged students. Students receive more than just financial support from a scholarship - it creates a catalyst for change, giving students the opportunity and inspiration they need to reach their full potential.

Receiving a scholarship last year meant so much to validated that I was on the right path, that good things happen.

Bishal Bhujel, 2015 UC Foundation Scholarship recipient


Textbooks are an essential part of a student's education experience, but their purchase can place students under financial pressure.

Students can pay between $400 and $800 for textbooks each semester. The cost can be equivalent to an entire month of their Youth Allowance, before they have paid rent, bought food or met other basic needs.

The UC Textbook Fund provides small grants to UC students to help ease the cost of purchasing textbooks.

Thanks to the UC Textbook Fund I could purchase my books. This small gesture has meant I can study and prepare for my assignments and exams more easily. It has made such a difference for me.

Mark Valentino, UC international student