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Immediate Help

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, CALL triple zero (000).

After hours: if you need to talk to someone and it is safe to do so, call the UC Crisis Line at 1300 271 790 or text 0488 884 277

Our vision

At the University of Canberra, we all have the right to a respectful and supportive environment where we can study, work and live safely.

Our vision for a safe and respectful community lies in an institution-wide commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging, as well as putting safety provisions in place on our campus.

It’s in initiatives such as UC’s Ally Network, our Let's Dance; Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Plan 2020-2022 and University-wide celebrations of national inclusion events – such as Wear it Purple Day and Pride Month – that enable our community to feel both physically and emotionally safe. It is our inclusive support services that ensure students and staff have timely access to targeted, relevant and confidential advice, guidance, support and care.

We have no tolerance for unacceptable behaviours such as bullying, violence, harassment or sexual assault.

National Student Safety Survey 2021

Universities across Australia, including the University of Canberra, commissioned and funded the National Student Safety Survey 2021, which collected data on the scale and nature of university student experiences of sexual assault and sexual harassment. The survey will provide a national representation of behavior within our university community and build upon the foundational survey undertaken by Universities Australia in 2016.

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Respect. Now. Always.

In 2016, the University of Canberra partnered with Universities Australia and other tertiary institutions in a national initiative to address sexual harassment and assault in our university communities.

The Respect. Now. Always. (RNA) campaign highlights the determination of Australia's universities to ensure that students and staff are safe from sexual assault and sexual harassment. The campaign aims to educate that sexual assault and harassment are unacceptable, and empowers survivors of sexual assault or harassment to seek help and support.

The campaign builds on longstanding work at the University of Canberra and across the Australian university sector, to prevent sexual assault and harassment and ensures that effective services are in place to support students when they disclose or report an incident.

RNA is an opportunity for the university sector to review the effectiveness of policies, responses and support services to ensure they are aligned with best practice and address the needs of survivors.

Staff training

The online training module, Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence, is mandatory for all staff members at the University of Canberra. This module helps to ensure staff provide a consistent response in an disclosure, which will help to minimise the impact on the individual/s involved.

Our progress

In 2018, the University of Canberra funded an external review – the Broderick review – that delivered ten recommendations to prevent and address sexual misconduct, assault and harassment in the community. Subsequently, the University – through its RNA committee formed in 2017 – has developed an action plan and a series of initiatives to implement the recommendations and strengthen its vision for a safe, inclusive and respectful community.

Contact us

If you have questions about the University's commitment to preventing sexual violence in our community or would like to know how you can contribute to a safer campus, please contact us.