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Types of research degrees at UC

Types of research degrees at UC

What is it?How long?Output
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Independent and specialised research under supervision.

Mandatory coursework for all PhDs (6CP) =

  • Principles of Research (3CP)
  • Practice of Research (3CP)

+ Optional coursework (up to 6CP) = research training units such as Research Methods or Research Design offered by the faculties

+ Research thesis component for all PhDs (84CP)

+ Optional one or more “Plus” industry or community elements

E.g. internship/placement, fieldwork/labwork exchange, teaching and related academic research pitch, mentoring etc.

4 years

(full-time equivalent)

Dissertation, publications, portfolio
Professional Doctorate

These courses combine research, coursework and in some cases professional work/industry experience.

While they are research-based, professional doctorates focus on the improvement of professional practice.

4 years

(full-time equivalent)

Dissertation, publications
Master by Research

Most faculties offer master-by-research programs. These courses have the same underlying principles of a PhD program, however the length of the thesis submitted for examination will be less than for a PhD.

The masters by research can be completed as a stand-alone program or be used as a pathway to a PhD program.

2 years

(full-time equivalent)