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PhD Plus

Industry connected research for modern careers

Research reimagined

Introducing UC’s new PhD Plus

Our reinvigorated Doctor of Philosophy (PhD Plus) has been transformed to boost your post-PhD career prospects.

Offering a unique mix of industry placements, research projects, skills development, mentorship, and networking opportunities, PhD Plus students are given the tools to advance their career in academia or industry.

You’ll be encouraged to think big, be entrepreneurial, find innovative solutions to real-world problems and positively impact society along the way.

Why settle for a PhD when you can have a PhD Plus?

Why choose PhD Plus

Bespoke research

Design a degree that meets your individual interests while advancing your career prospects.

Expert academics

Join UC’s dynamic and collaborative research team, featuring world-renowned experts in their fields.

Plus elements

Add optional ‘Plus’ elements to your PhD like internships, exchanges, research pitches and mentoring.

A competitive edge

Stand out in a highly competitive job market with skills to help you succeed in academia or industry.

Elements of the PhD Plus


Diversify your skillset, establish new networks, and gain valuable work experience outside of academia.

Participate in a paid or voluntary internship or placement in industry, government, non-government organisations, community or not-for-profit groups.

Mentoring and Industry Advisor

Be mentored by a UC alumni or a member of industry. Be empowered to develop as a researcher and increase your visibility as an emerging expert in your field. Benefit from shared experience, connect with industry professionals, and learn how your research can translate into business. Plus, gain specialist insight with an industry advisor on your supervisory panel.

Research pitch

Develop your researcher profile, while refining your ability to pitch your findings to a range of audiences. Use social media to promote your research and build your networks, while pitching to news and media outlets.

Participate in our Three-Minute Thesis research pitch or compete for research funding.

Fieldwork or lab exchange

Discover the collection of data outside of a laboratory with an international and national fieldwork or lab work exchange. Whether it be at another university, organisation or research institute, this allows you to gain firsthand experience in your research area.


Produce impactful research with an entrepreneurship or commercialisation opportunity. Bring your ideas to life and opportunity to implement innovative strategies through UC’s student incubator, research consultancy, practicum and exhibition or creative work/publication.

Teaching opportunities

Expand your horizons as a doctoral candidate, putting your knowledge into practice in a new environment. Engage as a tutor or casual lecturer and support curriculum design, marking, and related activities. You’ll participate in course, school or faculty meetings and gain invaluable teaching experience.

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Applications close

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