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Staff and Students

Staff and students in The Centre for Research in Therapeutic Solutions (CResTS)  are involved in a number of projects in the area of cancer biology, visual neuroscience, cardiovascular disease, gene discovery and molecular virology.


  • Associate Professor Regan Ashby (Leader)
  • Associate Professor Nicole Beard (Leader)
  • Associate Professor Michael Frese (Leader)
  • Professor Reena Ghildyal (Leader)
  • Dr Kris Hardy (Visiting Fellow)
  • Dr Amita Ahmed (Research Assistant)
  • Mrs Marie Janczura (Research Assistant)
  • Ms Lora Jensen (Research Assistant)
  • Dr Eva Lee (Research Fellow)
  • Dr Melanie Morris (Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Mr Abel Tan (Technical Assistant)
  • Ms Ke-jun Wei (Research Assistant)
  • Dr Hermia Willemse (Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Dr Anjum Zafar (Postdoctoral Fellow)


  • Dr Bilquis Ara
  • Ms Tara Boulding
  • Mr Robert McCuaig
  • Ms Jade Redfern
  • Mr Chris Sutton
  • Ms Sherry Tu
  • Ms Nadezda (Nadya) Urakova
  • Mr Fan Wu


  • Ms Sarah Croft
  • Ms Marina Gwairgi
  • Ms Lauren Kucka
  • Ms Cassandra Pantelidis
  • Ms Ayla Vensolvas
  • Ms Lisa Worley


  • Ms Kerrie Andriolo
  • Ms Susan Bradbury
  • Ms Mary Brun
  • Ms Joanne Cameron
  • A/P Nicole Chia
  • Professor Simon Easteal
  • A/P Craig Freeman
  • Professor David Hardman
  • Dr Carol H-C. Huang
  • A/P Carolyn Hawkins
  • Mr John Hughes
  • Dr Sheba Khan
  • A/P Gus Koerbin
  • Dr Kerry Mills
  • A/P Murali Nayudu
  • Dr Michelle Nelson
  • Dr Tanja Strive
  • Prof Ralph A. Tripp
  • Mrs Penelope Whippy


  • Associate Professor Girija Chetty (ITE)
  • Dr Michelle Gahan (Forensics)
  • Associate Professor Roland Goecke (ITE)
  • Dr Michelle Nelson (Forensics)
  • Professor Dharmendra Sharma (ITE)


  • Ms Sorelle Bowman
  • Mrs Preeti Dave


  • Mr Robert Bryce (Faculty of ESTeM Technical Services Co-ordinator)
  • Mr Richard Carne (Faculty of ESTeM Stores Supervisor)