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Centre for Research in Therapeutic Solutions

Budding researchers learn about bacteria

Kaleen Primary School students investigate bacterial growth

Image of a researcher teaching a student how to look through a microscope

The increasing global population and an aging demographic means that the world faces immense challenges in health. Communicable diseases cause significant mortality in developing countries, while non-communicable immune diseases such as asthma, hepatitis, myopia, cardiovascular disease and cancer are becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide. Coupled to these, we are threatened by new and re-emerging pathogens, such as the recent outbreaks of SARS and highly pathogenic pandemic influenza. There is a lack of molecular understanding of disease progression and of effective treatments and an urgent need for new intervention strategies.

The Centre for Research in Therapeutic Solutions (CResTS), through the expertise of its Academics in cancer biology, visual neuroscience, cardiovascular disease, gene discovery and molecular virology, provides a cohesive force for the continued growth of research discovery, development and delivery in Biomedical Sciences.

Our Vision

To be recognised nationally and internationally through innovative ground breaking research, quality postgraduate education and leadership in research-led education. Our vision is driven by our core value centred on building resilient communities through sustained health and wellbeing.

Our Mission

Using discovery biology, drug development, research translation and commercialisation we will harness existing research strengths to develop novel therapeutics for diseases that cause significant global mortality under the three themes of:

  1. Drug Discovery;
  2. Therapeutic Development; and
  3. Therapeutic Commercialisation.

CResTS aims to use cutting-edge, Frontier Technologies in order to Promote and Maintain Good Health.

Our Research

CResTS has six Research Groups working within the disciplines of molecular virology, respiratory virology, epigenetic and transcription regulation, muscle proteomics, visual neuroscience and medicinal chemistry.

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