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Our People

Comprised of staff with strengths in ecological research, ecological modelling genetics and genomics, the CCEG is led by researchers with a proven track record in high-quality fundamental and applied research, and a track record of collaboration:

Richard Duncan

Director and Centenary Professor in Conservation Ecology
Phone: +61 2 62068858
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Janine Deakin

Professor in Genomics
Phone: +61 2 62068663
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Tariq Ezaz

Professor in Genetics
Phone: +61 2 6201 2297
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Arthur Georges

Distinguished Professor in Genetics and Genomics
Phone: +61 2 62015786
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Dianne Gleeson

Professor in Ecological Genetics
Phone: +61 2 62012237
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Bernd Gruber

Professor for Spatial and Ecological Modelling
Phone: +61 2 6206 3804
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Stephen Sarre

Professor in Wildlife Genetics
Phone: +61 2 62015657
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Alejandro Trujillo-González

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Genomics
Phone: +61 2 62068241
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Simon Clulow

Senior Research Fellow
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Elise Furlan

Senior Research Fellow in Molecular Ecology
Phone: +61 2 62015528
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Llara Weaver

Henriette Theron

Jenn Soroka

Kymberly Crockett

Maddy Knight

Xiuwen Zhang

Kristine Abicair Smokey mouse captive breeding for wild release
Shayer Alam Evolution and ecology of sex determination mechanisms in agamid lizards
Yolarnie Amepou A study of the pig-nosed turtle (Carettochelys insculpta) nesting ecology, with reference to coastal and riverine nesting and the efficacy of community-led protected areas in Kikori, Papua New Guinea
Sarah Bates The role of plant-soil microbe interactions on invasion processes in Australian Grassland communities
David Berman Drivers of fine scale genetic spatial structuring in aquatic organisms
Meghan Castelli Sex and stress: Is stress both a mediator and a consequence of sex reversal in the Central Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps)
Anthony Davidson Factors enabling native prey to persist in the face of environmental variability and predation by invasive predators
Duminda Dissanayake Skink sex: sex reversal and sex determination in the skink, Bassiana duperryi
Jason Dobry The effects of chromosome rearrangements and their role for driving speciation in the spiny-tailed goanna, Varanus acanthurus
Doaa Doudin Developing subtelomeric cytogenetic markers to detect chromosome rearrangements in amniotes
Julian Hausner Automation of laboratory operations in high throughput genome profiling facility
Kyle Hemming Spread potential of introduced grass species in Australia
Emory Ingles A comprehensive study of dasyurid telomere length dimorphism
Michelle Montgomery Developing management techniques specific to controlling little fire ants (Wasmanniaauropunctata roger) in various ecological habitats
Phil Pearson Evaluation of habitat choice, nest site selection, and offspring phenotypes of wild sex-reversed female central bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps)
Jack Rojahn Quantitative framework for multi-species detection across ecosystems
Foyez Shams Population genetic structure and breeding activity of two native fish (Golden Perch and Murray Cod) from a managed catchment: a case study from the Lachlan river
Emily Stringer Is rapid environmental change mirrored by rapid change in genetic structure?
David Thuo Application of genomics to conversation of cheetahs in Kenya
Chexu Wang Discovery of a promising candidate sex determining gene in a reptile
Sarah Whiteley Epigenetic regulation of thermosensitive sexual development in two Australian dragon lizards (Pogona vitticeps and Amphibolurus muricatus)
Kris Wild Ecological causes and consequences of sex-reversal in the central bearded dragon under natural conditions
Matthew Young Genetic assessment of threats to and life of pig-nosed turtles (Carettochelys insculpta) in Australia and Papua New Guinea