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Centre for Conservation Ecology and Genomics




The Centre for Conservation Ecology and Genomics (CCEG) is committed to society’s goal of inter-generational equity, whereby we have a commitment to leave the environment at least as diverse, healthy and productive as it is now, for future generations.

The CCEG AIMS to be a national and international leader delivering and applying innovative research, combining strengths in ecology and genetics to achieve effective solutions for conservation and management of our natural resources.

OUR GOAL is to develop a new research program that strengthens our reputation and that of the University of Canberra as the national leader in innovative research that underpins the critical decisions needed for solutions to contemporary problems in conservation and management in several projects. As part of achieving this goal, we aim to attract the very best young researchers, potential Fellowship applicants and postgraduate students and strengthen collaborations with research partners, governments and industry, and leverage opportunities for new funding.

OUR FOCUS is on high-quality, innovative research to address three global conservation challenges:

GENETICS On a fox hunt 

INVASIVE SPECIES. Understanding and managing threats posed by the arrival, establishment and spread of non-native and exotic native species.

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WILDLIFE CONSERVATION. Solutions for managing and conserving species impacted by human activity, including rare and endangered fauna.


ADAPTING TO ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS. Understanding how species respond to stress, brought about by environmental change, through genomic, epigenomic, physiological and demographic responses of biota – understanding the past and present to better inform our understanding and management of the future.

The quality of our research is evidenced by the ERA ranking of 5 in the top three four-digit Fields of Research codes (0502, 0504 and 0604) assessed in the ERA 2018 ratings to which Centre members contribute. The ERA 5 rating in Genetics (0604) almost completely attributable to our core Centre members.