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Register with InclusionUC

Medical documentation

To receive support from InclusionUC, you will need medical documentation that verifies your ongoing health condition and/or disability, and the impact this has on your ability to access and actively participate in your studies and the course material.

If you are unsure of what medical documentation to provide – or do not have any recent documentation – please request your treating health practitioner or specialist complete the Health Practitioners Report.

How to register

You apply for registration online via the application portal on MyUC. There are some short questions that you will be prompted to answer to give the team an idea of the type of support and reasonable adjustments you may require. You will also be asked to upload your documentation at this stage. The more detail provided, the better we understand the impact and nature of your condition before we meet with you.

Once you have completed the online application, the I&E team will contact you via email and invite you to book an appointment for a virtual meeting or to attend one of our drop-in time slots.

For detailed information on how InclusionUC implement reasonable adjustments and what documentation is required of you, please click the below:

UC Student Reasonable Adjustment Guidelines