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Counselling Clinic

The University of Canberra  Counselling clinic is a student-led counselling service providing low cost, professional and confidential counselling  to students and the wider community. Our counsellors are post-graduate counselling students with hands on clinical experience in counselling and are closely supervised by qualified counsellors. Our counsellors utilise a wide range of interventions and strategies to work with their clients to overcome current problems, crises and long-term challenges.

How can talking to a counsellor help you?

A counsellor can give you support so you can tackle difficult problems and issues and find ways to solve or come to peace with them 

  • A counsellor can help keep small problems from becoming big problems
  • A counsellor can provide you with greater perspective, so you can see the “big picture”
  • A counsellor can help you get out of “auto-pilot” and puts you back in control of your life
  • Counselling helps restore and engage your natural strengths and abilities
  • A counsellor can provide you with the tools and strategies to approach problems with confidence and clarity
  • A counsellor can bring you back to a natural state of wellness and wholeness so that you can thrive – whatever your circumstances

The counselling services provided by the clinic are student led at a minimal cost to you. Please note, as services are provided by students under supervision, no rebate is available through private health funds, Medicare or third-party providers.

Phone: (02) 6201 5843  Fax: (02) 6201 5666