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UC Connect

UC Connect has been developed by UC College in conjunction with the University of Canberra to provide a pathway for school leavers and recent school leavers who wish to study an undergraduate degree at the University of Canberra and whose current academic qualifications do not allow them direct admission to the University. The program consists of the following subjects:

  • Humanities
  • Analytical Methods
  • Academic Techniques
  • Numeracy and Digital Literacy

Inherent requirements

In addition to course requirements, in order to successfully complete your course you may need to meet the inherent requirements. Please refer to the inherent requirements statement applicable to your course.

You will study four preparation subjects that focus on the development of skills needed to successfully study at university:

  1. Humanities 
  2. Analytical methods
  3. Academic techniques
  4. Numeracy and Digital Literacy 

Each of the above units provide the following learning outcomes:

  • develop critical and analytical thinking skills and solving mathematical problems;
  • develop academic writing and research skills for university study, including referencing;
  • collect, organise and analyse information to expected  academic standard;
  • expose students to a range of appropriate technologies to assist with their studies;
  • develop verbal and written communication and presentation skills in groups and as individuals; and
  • develop skills for coping with academic study at a university.

This program is run for 9 hours per week for the first 16 weeks (total 18 weeks including exams and break) on a full-time load, which is equivalent to an EFTSL of 0.50.

Entry is based on any of the following:

  • Completion of Australia year 12 qualification with 3 passes in academic subjects OR
  • ACT Year 12 certificate with a C grade average OR
  • Certificate III qualification.

If you don't meet the above guidelines, but can prove your likelihood of success, you can apply for an interview and present your case for admission.Note: If you have been in Australia for less than 2 years or if your first language is not English then you may be required to attend an interview.

Important to know when considering UC Connect courses

The following degrees require a higher entry score that can't be achieved through UC Connect:

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation
  • Bachelor of Vision Science

Please note: Bachelor of Midwifery has limited places available and applicants require a supplementary application form when applying for this course.

If you are considering any of these degrees you should contact UC College to discuss your options. If you have already submitted your application, UC College staff will be in contact with you.

Complete the online application form through UC’s online applicant portal and upload all relevant certified documentation*, such as your birth certificate or Australian passport and academic transcripts, as requested on the form.

If you have any questions with your application please contact UC College.

*A certified copy of a document is witnessed and signed to be a true copy of the original by an authorised person, such as a Justice of the Peace. Please see the full list of people who can certify your documents.

This program is run for 9 hours per week for the first 16 weeks on a full-time load, which is equivalent to an EFTSL of 0.375.

When you have completed the program you can apply to enter the University of Canberra. Offers for courses will be dependent on your UC Connect assessment results. 

2021 Dates Calendar


There are Commonwealth supported enabling places available for Australian and New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of Australia. There are limited places for other people to enroll in this program and these places are fee paying. Please contact the College to enquire further or to apply.

There is also a Students Services Amenities Fee.

Cancellation and Refund Conditions

Please read the Refund policy for this course.

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