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Defer your offer

We understand that sometimes things can happen that mean your university study has to take a back seat for a while. By deferring your offer, you can hold off on studying while securing your place in the course.

You can defer your offer if you are a domestic student who:

  • Hasn't accepted their offer yet; or
  • Has already accepted their offer but hasn't enrolled in any units yet

Deferrals are normally for one year and an offer can only be deferred once. Offers for some courses (e.g. Honours) cannot be deferred.

If you have already accepted your offer and enrolled in units, or if you have already studied for at least one semester, you can request an intermission, which is an approved leave of absence from your study. To apply for an intermission please complete the Apply to Discontinue or Intermit from a Course form through MyUC.

You can apply to defer via the University of Canberra application portal. Simply log into your account and respond to your offer by selecting the ‘defer’ option and selecting the intake you would like to defer to.

If you have already accepted your offer, but have not yet enrolled in any units, please email the Admissions Office to request a deferral. Please specify your full name, application number and how long you would like to defer for.

Once your deferral has been processed, we will send you a new offer letter, which you will need to accept.

Please note that during our peak periods of January/February and July/August of each year, there will be a delay in the processing time of your deferral.

There is no cost for deferring your offer.

You must defer by no later than the census date of the study period that you are due to start your course in. Check the census dates and important dates to ensure you defer on time.