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Portfolio entry

Do you have a passion for the arts, built environment, communication and media or design? Are you looking to study an undergraduate degree but not sure of your entry options?

The Faculty of Arts and Design at UC offers alternate entry via portfolio submission for applicants who may not meet the required entry rank.

Who can apply

Portfolio entry is an alternative pathway for anyone who is looking to apply for an undergraduate degree in the arts, communication and media, built environment, or design and meets the following criteria.

  • Did not achieve the required ATAR for your course.
  • Those completing a TAFE or CIT course and looking to study at university.
  • Mature age students who have not completed Year 12 and do not have an ATAR.
  • Students currently in Year 12 who are hoping for an early offer or are concerned about achieving the ATAR they need.

What you need to do

Show us your passion. It’s that simple. Compile together your best pieces of work, this could be things you have created during your studies or something you have done for fun. Make sure your portfolio not only highlights your passion but also shows your ability to think outside of the box and demonstrates critical thinking.

The requirements of your portfolio will differ depending on your chosen study area.

Make sure you take time to read through all the instructions and consider the answers to the following questions.

  • What are some personal attributes that you feel will assist you to succeed at university?
  • Where do you see yourself professionally after you complete your undergraduate degree?
  • What inspired you to apply for this course at the University of Canberra?

Application process

  1. Apply for admission
  2. Submit portfolio using the submission forms linked below
  3. Portfolio review
  4. Interview (note, an interview is not always required)
  5. Portfolio outcome
  6. Finalise application

Ready to submit your application

Are you ready to take the next step towards your career? Use the application forms below to submit your portfolio after you apply for admission.

For more information

For further information email