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QLD Travel Concession

Brisbane Residents


  • To be eligible for a transport concession in Brisbane, you must be enrolled in a minimum of 18 credit points for the year to be considered full-time [Full time enrolment status is calculated by Equivalent Full Time Study Load (EFTSL) per semester].You can check your Confirmation of Enrolment (My UC > Enrolments and Timetable > Confirmation of Enrolment) to see your enrolment status.
  • You will need to carry your student ID card
  • Please check your eligibility against the full requirements on the Translink Website

To apply for concession

*Important: Please use your University of Canberra ID number. Please select 'Organisation' as University of Canberra.

Your application will be assessed, usually within 7 days, against your current enrolment and checked regularly.

If you have applied and used a TAFE ID number, please resubmit this with your UC ID.

If you have any problems, please contact