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Aspire UC Schools Outreach Program

The Aspire UC team has increased our suite of online programs to enable us to deliver valuable resources and engagement opportunities to support the students, teachers and communities within our Aspire UC network of schools.

Aspire UC is the flagship outreach initiative of the University of Canberra. Aspire UC supports the educational aspirations of high school students, targeting those that are traditionally less likely to participate in higher education. Working with selected NSW schools Aspire UC offers teachers, Careers Advisers, school leaders, families and communities opportunities to learn and grow alongside their young people.

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Aspire UC Schools Outreach Programme

Aspire UC consists of three components.

Remote & Online Learning

We have developed a brand new range online programs and activities which can be delivered via remote learning, or in a classroom environment! Our main programs for term 2 include:

  • 7 different online workshops to help students understand and navigate their options for engaging with University or TAFE after school.
  • A structured and fully supervised mentoring program connecting high school students with current UC students with similar backgrounds/interests, and
  • Drop-in Q&A sessions for students and parents who want to learn more about what it’s like to move away from home and study at UC

You can find more information about these programs and activities in our Online Programs and Activities Guide.

In-School Activities
The in-school component introduces students to a range of options and benefits associated with higher education, without having to leave their school. Outreach Officers deliver a range of interactive activities across a range of themes. These are linked to the Australian curriculum and are designed with the needs of the students in mind.

Activities may focus on any of the following topics:

  • Identification of strengths and attributes
  • Goal setting
  • Future career pathways
  • Exploration of barriers and strategies to overcome these
  • Relevant study skills
  • Differences between high school and university.

On-Campus Activities
Campus experiences, such as UC 4 Yourself, provide students with the unique opportunity to explore a university campus. Students participate in a number of hands-on sessions whilst engaging with current students and support and academic staff. All schools participating in the Aspire UC Program are invited to participate in a UC Campus Experience, complementing the delivery of in-school activities.

Aspire UC at a glance

The Aspire UC Virtual Classroom activities and workshops introduce students to a range of options, benefits and concepts associated with higher education, without having to leave their school or home learning environment.

All our workshops are facilitated by a UC Outreach Advisor, and an Aspirations Agent – a current UC student who shares similar background/experiences to the students in your school. A third facilitator will also be present to assist students with access and technical issues throughout the sessions.

We are offering workshops in 3 categories:

  1. Awareness and Aspiration
  2. Achievement
  3. Affordability and Access

Schools and/or community groups may request specific workshops to be run according to their individual interests and needs.

For further information on these sessions and registering for our workshops, feel free to contact us!

Aspire UC is online!

Aspire UC is very excited to offer an engaging range of online modules to our partner schools to continue breaking down barriers to higher education.

UC Outreach Officers will facilitate the delivery of the modules within classrooms throughout 2020.

The "Raising Aspirations" modules, which include videos, interactive activities and quizzes, can be undertaken independently, or in a classroom setting, and shared with parents who will then have better understanding of higher education and be better placed to support their children.

Current options include:

  • “Who am I?”: Students will be required to reflect on personal significance and personal achievements, which will help them affirm their interests and unique qualities.
  • “What do I want?”: Students are invited to think about possible career pathways and identify their life goals, as well as barriers to their success and suggest strategies to overcome them.
  • “How do I get there?”: Students will be able to build awareness and aspirations towards tertiary education through fun activities about study options and study support services.

This resource is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Education’s Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP)

The "Raising Aspirations" Online Modules are offered free of charge.

For further information on the modules, feel free to contact us!

The Aspire UC Program aims to assist students and their families to better understand the university environment by offering information and advice on post- school pathways and options and how to overcome barriers.

Check out our Resources page for further information.