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The University of Canberra’s commitment to sustainability is founded on the desire of our community — students, staff, and other stakeholders — to walk with a light touch; to preserve and nurture our environs; and to leave our world in a better state than we found it. As an organisation focused on the future — teaching and research to improve the world — environmental sustainability is a natural part of our commitment to provide a better future.

Sustainability is not just about helping to avert climate change; it is about an overall commitment to stewardship of our world and its precious resources.

As a signatory to the Talloires Declaration, the University of Canberra is committed to creating an equitable and sustainable future for all humankind in harmony with nature.


As a leader in our community, and as a signatory to the Talloires Declaration, the University of Canberra is committed to incorporating sustainability and environmental literacy in teaching, research, operations, and outreach. We will play our part in creating a sustainable future that supports generations to come. Our vision is underpinned by six principles:

1. Learning for life

Recognising that environmental sustainability reflects a lifelong commitment, we will embed environmental social responsibility in our learning, teaching, and research activities. We will position the university community to be equipped, prepared, and motivated to take actions that reduce our environmental footprint and provide a positive contribution to the global commitment to a more sustainable future.

2. Open and consultative

We will be open and consultative in our decision-making processes for environmental sustainability across the university community.

3. Shared responsibility

Recognising that the environment is crucial to a fulfilling life, our actions will be driven by a shared responsibility. As a university community, we recognise and accept our role as stewards of the resources we use, and we will take collective action to minimise adverse impacts on the environment as a result of our activities.

4. Leadership and innovation

Creative and innovative approaches will improve the University of Canberra sustainability outcomes. Evidence-based and innovative research for sustainability will be complemented by monitoring and analysing best practice in the higher education and other sectors to ensure the University maintains or leads best-practice in relation to sustainability wherever possible.

5. Informed decision-making

Long-term environmental, economic and social sustainability considerations will be:

  • Integrated into the University’s decision-making processes;
  • Considered in strategic and operational planning;
  • Central to student experience, leaning and teaching, research, learning and community engagement; and
  • Enabled through sustainable practices.

6. Global and long-term commitment

We understand that the actions we take today reach beyond the confines of our current campus boundaries, both to the wider world and to future generations.

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