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POSTPONED UNTIL MONDAY 9 MARCH: UnCover Pop Up Event: Exploring the ‘new normal’

5 March 2020: Due to extreme weather conditions, UnCover Enlighten is postponed until Monday 9 March from 6.30—8.30pm at Enlighten Illuminations. All tickets remain valid. Please cancel your free ticket if you can no longer attend to cater for demand. Please note, some panelists may be subject to change. If you do not have a ticket and would like to attend, please join our waiting list [link] and tickets will be allocated as they become available.

Monday’s event will cater to the autumn weather with blankets, heaters, comfortable seating and popcorn provided, however it is advised that you dress for the weather as it is an outdoor event within a waterproof marquee.

What is the ‘new normal’? New Year’s Eve 2020 heralded a new decade and with it sweeping and devastating new challenges—bushfires ravaged our country, air quality in the ACT became the worst in the world, climate change took centre stage, the environmental impact on health and mental health came to the fore and technology both offered solutions and created new challenges.

Enlighten your mind in this special University of Canberra UnCover Pop-Up Event at Enlighten on Thursday 5 March from 6.30pm. Author, activist and philanthropist Sarah Wilson (I Quit Sugar, First, We Make the Beast Beautiful) hosts a group of UC experts to explore what exactly constitutes the ‘new normal’, and how quickly the human brain adjusts to changes in conditions.

Join climate change adaptation expert, Professor Barbara Norman, child and adolescent mental health expert Assistant Professor of Psychology, Vivienne Lewis; deliberative democracy and environmental governance on climate change researcher Professor Simon Niemeyer from the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance; AI and robotics art PhD candidate David Hinwood; Associate Professor of Architecture in cutting-edge technology, Max Maxwell; and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Education and technology in schools proponent Professor Barney Dalgarno.

UnCover Events is a series of festival Pop-Up Events tackling a range of subjects and issues dear to the hearts of Canberrans. Hosted by a media personality and featuring UC experts from a variety of faculties and disciplines, we delve deeper, ask tougher questions and let the audience guide the conversation.

UnCover is the University of Canberra’s platform for sharing our stories with our community, the nation and the world to illustrate the real-world effect of our contribution and create a community beyond our walls. UnCover now includes digital, podcasts, documentaries, events and a magazine.