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Unavailable Units

Semester 1, 2020

Semester 1, 2020 commences on Monday 10 February 2020. Registration for U3A members opens on Monday 27 January 2020. You may register up until the commencement of the semester.

Units that will not be available for auditing by U3A (ACT) members are as follows:

Note: units that are essentially practicums, work integrated learning, study abroad experiences, internships, project-based, or similar, are not available for auditing. This is usually indicated in the unit title or unit description.

Please visit the Courses and Units Database to search for available units to 'audit'.

Unit NameUnit Number
Architecture Studio 1 PG7628
Professional Media Project7888
Architecture Studio 3 PG7894
Arts Honours Dissertation H 18cp8159
Architecture Laboratory PG8409
Monitoring and Evaluating International Development Project PG8769
Planning Report8786
Research in Creative Arts and Design H8900
Social Research Methods H8901
Advanced Humanities Research H8934
Communication and Information Project PG9107
Social Research PG9111
Professional Practice and Engagement9288
Development Research Methods PG9429
Arts and Design Honours Symposium H9489
Design and Architecture Research Project9773
Advanced History & Theory 2 PG9781
Honours Studio H10108
Industry and Community Engagement (Internships)10109
Built Environment Technology 210188
Professional Orientation (Arts)10333
Professional Orientation (Built Environment)10334
Professional Orientation (Communication and Media)10335
Profesional Orientation (Design)10336
Professional Practice 111017
Professional Practice 211018
Professional Evidence (Built Environment)11019
Architecture Studio 111023
Interior Architecture Technology: Anatomy11030
Interior Architecture Techonology: Systems11030
Profesional Evidence (Design)11045
Professional Evidence (Communication and Media)11083
Digital Engagement and Analytics 11104
Professional Evidence (Arts)11112
Character Design and Animation11133
Real Time Environments11135
Journalism Cross-Cultural Study Tour11535
Professional Practice: Wil Studio 311574
Professional Practice Internship11575
Professional Practice Internship (Extended)11576

Notes from FAD:

  • Any students wanting to do studio based units must communicate with the unit convener regarding tutorial/workshop attendance.
  • Students should take level 1 units if they have not completed previous study in discipline areas as Advertising, Media and Public Affairs, Public Relations and Journalism.
Unit NameUnit Number
Doctoral Thesis Public Sector Mgt D:FT4106
Doctoral Thesis Public Sector Mgt D:PT4107
Public Administration Dissertation D:FT4515
Public Administration Dissertation D:PT4516
Doctoral Thesis in Economics D:PT5875
Doctoral Thesis in Economics D: FT5876
Honours Research Colloquium6610
Master of Laws Dissertation6642
Literature Review Seminar6650
Honours Research Thesis 18cp (6cp)7065
Business and Government Internship PG8506
BGL Research Project PG9504
Small Business Management9531
Business, Government & Law Extended Internship10158
Business, Government & Law Professional Internship10236
Current Research Issues in Business PG10389
Research Component (Literature Review) A R10390
Research Component (Methodology & Data) B R10391
Research Component (Research Report) C R10392
BGL Internship (Commerce)11166
BGL Internship (Business and Management)11167
BGL Internship (Government and Policy)11168
Professional Evidence (Commerce)11171
Professional Evidence (Business)11173
Professional Evidence (Government & Policy)11237
Law and Justice Internship11253
Capstone Law and Justice11254
Law and Justice Internship Extended (6cp)11268
Law and Justice Research Project11272
Law Honours11289
Legal Advice Clinic11291
Law and Justice Internship Extended (12cp)11380
BGL Industry Project PG11397
Law Internship PG11448
Law Internship Extended PG (6cp)11449
Law Internship Extended PG (12cp)11450
Legal Advice Clinic PG11453
Small Business Management G11509
BGL Research Internship11571
Unit Name Unit Number
Education Research Project M14368
Discourse Studies PG7658
Approaches to Grammar for Language Teachers PG7664
Independent Study in TESOL/FLT 2 PG7666
Education Research Project PG7784
Acquisition of Vocational Skills 1 (part B)8794
Acquisition of Vocational Skills 2 (part B)8796
Educating Globally PG9085
Educational Leadership and Change PG9086
Education Research Perspectives PG9087
Engaging Communities in Change PG9089
Critical Policy Analysis in Education PG9092
Investigating Curriculum and its Context PG9102
Education Project A PG9464
Adolescent Health Issues9856
Addressing Challenges in Educational Environments9857
Classroom Climate and Organisation9860
Creative Arts Specialist9866
Creative Science Specialist9867
English Literacy for Educators9871
Holistic Health through Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)9873
The Practice (PCK) of Teaching the Arts9885
The Practice (PCK) of Teaching HPE 9887
The Practice (PCK) of Teaching Mathematics 9888
The Practice (PCK) of Teaching Technologies9890
Planning Assessing and Reporting9894
Secondary Creative Arts PCK (2-3cp)9901
Secondary English PCK (2-3cp)9903
Secondary Health and Physical Education PCK 29905
Secondary Humanities and Social Sciences PCK (2-3cp)9907
Secondary Languages PCK (2-3cp)9909
Secondary Mathematics PCK (2-3cp)9911
Secondary Science PCK (2-3cp)9913
Teachers as Professionals (6cp)9918
Secondary Technologies PCK (2-3cp)9967
Technology Skills for Teaching 1 (B)10104
Technology Skills for Teaching 2 (B)10106
Secondary Design and Technology PCK (2-3cp)10114
Curriculum Design in Early Childhood Education10173
Development in Early Childhood Education10174
Quality Improvement in Early Childhood Education10175
Critical Reflection in Early Childhood Education10176
STEM in the Early Years10179
Leadership in Early Childhood Education10180
Addressing Challenges in Early Childhood Education10181
Curriculum Development and Design PG10321
Leading Coaching and Mentoring in Education PG10324
Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Education PG10325
Leadership in Indigenous Education PG10332
Curriculum and Assessment in Primary Education G11336
Primary Mathematics -Teaching for Understanding G11341
How the English Language Works G (3cp)11342
Teaching Primary Health and Physical Education PG11343
Curriculum and Assessment in Secondary Education G11351
Using Data to Improve Learning G11354
Education for Diversity in Secondary Education G11355
Professional Practice of Teaching G11356
Teaching Secondary Creative and Performing Arts PG11361
Teaching Secondary English PG11363
Teaching Secondary Humanities and Social Sciences PG11365
Teaching Secondary Languages PG11367
Teaching Secondary Mathematics PG11369
Teaching Secondary Technologies PG11371
Language Testing and Assessment PG11385
Language Teaching Practice PG11386
Education Inquiry Capstone PG11495
Unit NameUnit Number
Professional Psychological Practice PG - 3 cp, Level P6306
Forensic Psychology for Clinicians PG  - 3 cp, Level P6307
Health Psychology for Clinicians PG  - 3 cp, Level P6308
Research Project - Preparation PG  - 3 cp, Level P6309
Research Project - Implementation PG - 3 cp, Level P6310
Research Project - Data Analysis PG- 3 cp, Level P6311
Practicum Placement 1 PG  - 3 cp, Level P6313
Practicum Placement 2 PG - 3 cp, Level P6314
Practicum Placement 3 PG - 3 cp, Level P6315
Practicum Placement 4 PG - 3 cp, Level P6316
 Psychological Measurement PG6489
Group Work6853
Experimental Psychology 7118
Cognitive Psychology7123
Survey Resereach and Design in Psychology7126
Honours Thesis in Psychology7366
Counselling Skills and Models PG7743
Counselling Theories and Concepts PG7744
Counselling Placement and Supervision PG7748
EBT Children Adolescents and Families PG  - 3 cp, Level P8028
Midwifery Honours Thesis H (21cp) (3cp) PT (part B)8835
Midwifery Honours Thesis H (21cp) (6cp) PT (part B)8836
Clinical Practice in Exercise Physiology 1 9379
Clinical Practice in Exercise Physiology 2 9382
Exercise Programming and Prescription 9812
Research and Professional Practice Part A 9813
Research and Professional Practice Part B 9814
Counselling Psychology PG9815
Imaging anatomy10014
 MRS Practicum 110020
MRS Practicum 210021
MRS Residency 210024
Doctoral Thesis in Clinical Psychology R FT 10025
 PP of MRS10026
Rad Biol& Dosimetry10027
 Rad Imaging 110028
Radiographic Imaging 310030
Rad Imaging 410031
Radiographic Imaging Interpretation10033
 Imaging anatomy G10035
 MRS Practicum 1 G10042
MRS Practicum 2G10043
 PP of MRS G10046
Rad Biol& Dosimetry G10047
 Rad Imaging 1G10048
Radiographic Imaging 3G10050
 Radiographic Imaging Interpretation G10052
Rad Imaging 4G10052
Human Diversity PG10065
Trauma and Counselling PG10067
Professional Practice in Exercise Physiology 10070
Introduction to Assessment and Intervention PG  - 3 cp, Level P10071
EBT Adult PG - 3 cp, Level P10073
Advanced Assessment and Intervention PG- 3 cp, Level P10074
Master of Psychology Thesis PG (6cp) - 6 cp, Level P10075
Research Methods in Psychology PG10112
 Professional Ethics PG10113
Industry and Community Engagement (Health)10120
Industy and Community Engagement 10120
Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation PG10159
Introduction to Ultrasound PG10160
Abdominal Ultrasound PG10161
Obstetric Ultrasound PG10162
Vascular and Postoperative Ultrasound PG10163
Paediatric and Superficial Parts Ultrasound PG10164
 Sonographic Practice Capstone PG10166
Professional Orientation 11400
Professional Practice (Health)111401
Professional Practice 11401
Professional Evidence (Health)11402
Professional Orietation (Psychology)11474
MRS Residency 2PG11477
Clinical conditions 1 11545
MI Research Project B PG11568
Advanced Exercise Programming and Prescription 11580
Training Methods of Strength and Conditioning 111581
Coaching Communication11583
Orthopaedic Physiotherapy8975
Cardiothoracic Interventions 18976
Musculoskeletal Interventions 18977
Cardiothoracic Interventions 28978
Neurological Interventions 18979
Evidence Based Practice8980
Musculoskeletal Interventions 28981
Neurological Interventions 28982
Paediatric Interventions8983
Physiotherapy in Ageing8984
Physiotherapy Honours Thesis 18985
Evidence Based Practice (Honours)8986
Health Professional Practice 2 8987
Physiotherapy Honours Thesis 28988
Clinical Physiotherapy8989
Cardiothoracic Interventions 1 PG8990
Musculoskeletal Interventions 1 PG8991
Neurological Interventions 1 PG8992
Musculoskeletal Interventions 2 PG8993
Cardiothoracic Interventions 2 PG8994
Neurological Interventions 2 PG8995
Musculoskeletal Interventions 3 PG8996
Physiotherapy in Ageing PG8997
Health Professional Practice 2 PG8998
 Intro to MRS8999
Unit NameUnit Number
Research Honours in Applied Science:FT4773
Research Honours in Applied Science:PT4774
High Speed Networks PG  6692
Information Sciences Internship7899
Information Sciences Internship7900
Forensic Digital Imaging PG8060
Design and Architecture Professional Placement PG8416
Business Informatics Internship8717
Professional Practice in Applied Science8783
Research Project in Applied Science9632
High Speed Networks G9783
Information & Communication Technology Project9785
Technology Project PG9786
ICT Honours Thesis (Part A) H (6cp)9827
ICT Honours Thesis (Part B) H (12cp)9828
Government Informatics PG 9995
Government Informatics PG 9995
Engineering Work Experience PG10136
Information Sciences Internship (Extended)10152
Science and Technology Internship (12cp)11473
Advances in Information Sciences and Engineering11480
Technology Capstone Research Project PG11522
Advances in Information Sciences and Engineering PG11526
Information Sciences Internship (Extended) PG11531
Engineering Project (Part A)10004
Engineering Project (Part B)10005
Engineering Work Experience (0cp)10006