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Unavailable Units

Semester 1, 2023

Semester 1, 2023 commences on Monday 6 February. Registration for U3A members opens on 16 January 2023. You may register up until the commencement of the semester.

Units that will not be available for auditing by U3A (ACT) members are as follows:

Note: units that are essentially practicums, work integrated learning, study abroad experiences, internships, project-based, or similar, are not available for auditing. This is usually indicated in the unit title or unit description.

Please visit the Courses and Units Database to search for available units to 'audit'.

9780Advanced History & Theory 1 PG
9781Advanced History and Theory 2 PG
8409Architecture Laboratory PG
11023Architecture Studio 1
7628Architecture Studio 1 PG
7894Architecture Studio 3 PG
11025Architecture Studio 4
11024Architecture: History Theory 3
7823Building and Construction Studies 2
7824Building and Construction Studies 3
10142Building and Construction Studies 4
10144Building Information Modelling
10188Built Environment Technology 2
10189Built Environment Technology 3
11133Character Design and Animation 
10141Construction Procurement
9773Design and Architecture Research Project
11020Design Studio
9977Design Studio 4
11625Digital Design Techniques 02: Prototyping Space
11626Digital Design Techniques 03: Digital Cities
11624Digital Design Technology 01: Fundamentals
11104Digital Engagement and Analytics
11138Film Tools and a Meta-Narrative Vocabulary
9982Graduation Studio (Landscape)
11899Interior Architecture Technology
11029Interior Architecture Studio: Context
11900Interior Architecture Studio: Unstable Space
11120Major Project Studio
11099Marketing Communication Strategy
11067Packaging Design and Communication
10334Professional Orientation (Built Environment)
11018Professional Practice 2
11575Professional Practice Internship
11576Professional Practice Internship (Extended)
11139Short Film Production
11093Sideline Eye: Sports Reporting
11100The Craft of Creative Communication
11144The Creative Producer  
11095The Sports Journalist: Ethical Lawful and Professional
11830Professional Practice (Specialist Skills)
11829Professional Practice (Internships A)
11831Professional Practice (Industry Studios)
11834Professional Practice (Advanced Industry Studios)
11832Professional Practice (Internships B)
11833Professional Practice (Industry and Creative Projects)
11019Professional Evidence (Built Environment)
11673Professional Practice Thesis 2 (6cp)
11674Professional Investigation and Research Methods
11671Professional Practice Thesis 1 (6cp)
11068Cross-Cultural Design Strategy
11069Information Visualisation
11045Professional Evidence (Design)
11841Web Frameworks and Dynamic Data
11065Visual Branding and Identity Systems
11066Experimental Graphic Design

Notes from FAD:

Units in the Faculty Arts and Design are scaffolded, and we recommend in all disciplines that level 1 units are taken prior to enrolling in level 2 or 3. Please also note that our units offered at TAFE Queensland and the studio units in Canberra are highly practical and have restricted on-campus attendance, therefore these units (if not listed) may have limited online material available.

Unit CodeUnit Name (not available to U3A students Sem 1 2023)
4515Public Administration Dissertation D:FT
4516Public Administration Dissertation D:PT
4518Legal Science Dissertation D:PT
5875Doctoral Thesis in Economics D:PT
6655Business Professional Project Thesis R P/T
6656Business Professional Project Thesis R F/T
6657Business Professional Project Dissertation B R P/T
6807Research Methodology & Research Design H
7911Business Professional Project Dissertation B R (33cp)
8277Doctoral Thesis in Government R (PT)
8278Doctoral Thesis in Law R (72cp) (PT)
8478Doctoral Thesis in Economics (by Publication) R: PT (72cp)
8506Business and Government Internship PG
8610Professional Doctorate Research Proposal B PG
9504BGL Research Project PG
9505Research Methods PG
9531Small Business Management (online)
10158Business, Government & Law Extended Internship
10236Business, Government & Law Professional Internship
10386Research Fundamentals PG
10387Reading and Critiquing Literature PG
10388Research Design PG
10389Current Research Issues in Business PG
10390Research Component (Literature Review) A R
10391Research Component (Methodology and Data Collection) B R
10392Research Component (Research Report) C R (Part A)
10393Research Component (Research Report) C R (Part B)
10428Reseach Component (Research Report) C R (Part C)
11166BGL Internship (Commerce)
11167BGL Internship (Business and Management)
11168BGL Internship (Government & Policy)
11171Professional Evidence (Commerce)
11173Professional Evidence (Business)
11237Professional Evidence (Government & Policy)
11253Law and Justice Internship
11254Capstone Law and Justice
11268Law and Justice Internship Extended (6cp)
11272Law and Justice Research Project
11289Law Honours
11291Legal Advice Clinic
11320Event Management
11380Law and Justice Internship Extended (12cp)
11445Legal Research & Writing Skills
11446Legal Research Project PG
11447Research Thesis PG
11448Law Internship PG
11449Law Internship Extended PG (6cp)
11450Law Internship Extended PG (12cp)
11453Legal Advice Clinic PG
11509Small Business Management G (online)
11571BGL Research Internship
11698Business Decision Making (APP) (Part B)
11847Politics & Democracy (APP) (Part B)
11901Honours Research Colloquium H
11093Honours Research Thesis PT H
11904Business, Government & Policy Nexus H

b. Postgraduate: The Faculty of Education is happy for U3A members to audit our Level G units with the exception of the following:

Unit CodeUnit Description
10020MRS Practicum 1
10024MRS Residency 2 (9cp)
10042MRS Practicum 1 G
11477Medical Radiation Science Residency 2 PG (9cp)
10120Industry and Community Engagement (Health)
11536Clinical Physiotherapy 1
11537Clinical Physiotherapy 2
11555Clinical Physiotherapy 2 G
11556Clinical Physiotherapy 3 G
11557Clinical Physiotherapy 4 G
11825Postgraduate Psychology Research Project 1 PG
11826Postgraduate Psychology Research Project 2 PG
11827Postgraduate Psychology Research Project 3 PG
6313Practicum Placement 1 PG
6314Practicum Placement 2 PG
6315Practicum Placement 3 PG
6316Practicum Placement 4 PG
7366Honours Thesis in Psychology 12cp (6cp)
10454Health Program Planning and Evaluation
10273Professional Practice 1 PG
10276Professional Practice 3 PG
11653Professional Practice in Strength and Conditioning A PG
11691Health Sciences Research Honours A H
11692Health Sciences Research Honours B H
9813Research and Professional Practice Part A (6cp)
7748Counselling Placement and Supervision PG
7784Education Research Project PG
10166Sonographic Practice Capstone PG
11568Medical Imaging Research Project B PG
11570Medical Imaging Research Project B H
11295Women In Pregnancy and Beyond
11299Continuity Midwifery A
11305Continuity Midwifery A G
11307With Woman With Child PG
11308Women in Pregnancy and Beyond PG
11313Continuity Midwifery A PG
11333With Woman With Child
10203Integrating Nursing Concepts 1
10203Integrating Nursing Concepts 1
10205Integrating Nursing Concepts 3
10207Integrating Nursing Concepts 5 (Capstone 2)
10208Integrating Nursing Concepts 6 (Capstone 3)
9295Clinical Project PG
10412Optometry Residency PG
10413Optometry in Practice PG
8987Evidence Based Practice (Honours)
8993Physiotherapy Honours Thesis 2
11690Research Methods in Health Sciences H
11693Health Sciences Research Honours C H
9602High Performance Sport Research Project PG
9592Research Project in Health PG
9593Research Project in Health PG (6cp)
11619Honours: Thesis (Part A)
9297Clinical Dietetics 1 PG
10410Clinical Optics and Dispensing
9003Clinical Therapeutics 1
9009Clinical Therapeutics 3
9400Clinical Therapeutics 1 G
9402Clinical Therapeutics 3 PG
10268Clinical Speech Pathology 1 PG
11546Clinical Conditions 2
11704Understanding People and Behaviour (APP) (Part B)
11702Systemic Anatomy and Physiology (APP) (Part B)

Unit  Number                        Unit  Name  

4773   Research Honours in Applied Science:FT
4774Research Honours in Applied Science:PT
8060Forensic Digital Imaging PG
8783Professional Practice in Applied Science
9632Research Project in Applied Science
10004Engineering Project (Part A)
10005Engineering Project (Part B)
10006Engineering Work Experience (0cp)
10098Engineering Project PG
10136Engineering Work Experience PG
10152Information Sciences Internship (Extended)
11372Introduction to Data Science
11408Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship
11480Advances in Information Sciences and Engineering
11486Systems Analysis and Modelling
11516Introduction to Data Science G
11522Technology Capstone Research Project PG
11530Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship G
11531Information Sciences Internship (Extended) PG
11622Introduction to Cyber Safety
11623Introduction to Cyber Safety G
11694Artificial Intelligence for the Workplace
11695Artificial Intelligence for the Workplace G
4478Introduction to Information Technology
6540Introduction to Statistics
6554Introduction to Statistics G
6587Information Technology for the Workplace
6676Professional Practice in IT G
6677Systems Analysis and Modelling G
6797Inf. Sc. Research Methodology PG
6798Inf. Sc. Research Proposal R
6798Inf. Sc. Research Proposal R
6799Inf. Sc. Research Proposal H
7722Professional Practice in IT
7899Information Sciences Internship
7900Information Sciences Internship PG
8520Information Technology for the Workplace G
8936Introduction to Information Technology G
9075Introduction to Digital Forensics G
9785Information & Communication Technology Project
9786Technology Project PG
9827ICT Honours Thesis (Part A) H (6cp)
9828ICT Honours Thesis (Part B) H (12cp)
11473Science and Technology Intership