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Unavailable Units

Semester 2, 2017

Semester 2, 2017 , commences on 7 August 2017. Registration for U3A members opens on Monday 24 July. You may register up until the commencement of the semester.

Units that will not be available for auditing by U3A (ACT) members are as follows:

Note: units that are essentially practicums, work integrated learning, study abroad experiences, internships, project-based, or similar, are not available for auditing. This is usually indicated in the unit title or unit description.

Please visit the Courses and Units Database to search for available units to 'audit'.

All units are open to U3A students.

Notes from FAD:

  • Any students wanting to do studio based units must communicate with the unit convener regarding tutorial/workshop attendance.
  • Students should take level 1 units if they have not completed previous study in discipline areas as Advertising, Media and Public Affairs, Public Relations and Journalism.
Unit NameUnit Number
Accounting Systems & Practices G6222
Company Accounting6391
Introduction to Taxation7037
Introduction to Taxation G7229
Mooting PG8685/8686
Revenue Law6417
Taxation Law & Practice G6279
Unit NameUnit Number
Unit NameUnit Number
Applied Practice in High Performance Sport PG9670
Clinical Dietetics 2 PG9298
Clinical Practice in Exercise Physiology 29382
Clinical Project PG9295
Clinical Therapeutics 29006
Clinical Therapeutics 2 PG9401
Clinical Therapeutics 49010
Clinical Therapeutics 4 PG9403
Continuity Midwifery B7949
Counselling Applications PG 17746
Counselling Placement and Supervision PG7748
Cross-Cultural Professional Practice9855
Education and Learning in Clinical Contexts PG9660
Food and Nutrition Honours Research H 18cp FT (Part A) (9cp)9635
Food and Nutrition Honours Research H 18cp FT (Part B) (9cp)9636
Health Practice Evaluation PG8567
Honours Thesis in Psychology 12cp (6cp)7366
Industry and Community Engagement (Health)10120
Learning for Professional Practice 29060
Learning for Professional Practice 49061
Learning for Professional Practice 69062
Master of Psychology Thesis PG6312
Master of Psychology Thesis PG (6cp)10075
Mental Health for Practice9064
Midwifery Honours Thesis H (21cp) (6cp) PT (part B)8836
Nursing Honours Thesis PT: Part A6994
Nursing Honours Thesis PT: Part B 12cp (6cp)7372
Occupational Therapy Professional Practice 3 PG8727
Pharmacy Honours - Design9124
Pharmacy Honours - Thesis9125
Pharmacy Practice 29007
Pharmacy Practice 2 PG9406
Pharmacy Practice 49012
Pharmacy Practice 4 PG9408
Physiotherapy Honours Thesis 28993
Practicum Placement 1 PG6313
Practicum Placement 2 PG6314
Practicum Placement 3 PG6315
Practicum Placement 4 PG6316
Research and Professional Practice Part B9814
Research Planning PG6486
Research Project - Data Analysis PG6311
Research Project - Implementation PG6310
Research Project - Preparation PG6309
Research Project in Health PG9592
Research Project in Health PG (6cp)9593
Sports Studies Honours Research H (Part A)9417
Sports Studies Honours Research H (Part B) FT9418
Supervision Field Experience PG (6cp)10066