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Counsellors are allied health professionals that support people to address and resolve issues and concerns in their lives, promoting mental health and wellbeing and enhancing self-understanding.

Using different types of evidence based therapies, including talk therapy, art therapy, animal assisted therapy, music, dance and drama therapy, counsellors can facilitate a variety of changes, including:

  • change in perspective
  • new insight
  • new ways of thinking about situations
  • new awareness of feelings
  • enhanced capacity to tolerate and regulate feelings
  • new actions or behaviours
  • new decisions about life.

Counsellors work with children, young people, adults, couples, families and groups. Counsellors work in a variety of public and private settings and fields including health promotion and health care, community, family, youth, ageing, mental health and relationships.


Studying counselling opens a wide range of career paths.

  • Youth worker
  • Careers advisor
  • Community case worker
  • Relationship counsellor
  • Aged care
  • Chronic health support
  • Mental health counsellor
  • Life coach
  • Group facilitator
  • Mediation facilitator
  • Children and family counsellor
  • Prison counsellor
  • Trauma specialist counsellor
  • Drug and alcohol counsellor

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