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Matthew Brown

Matthew BrownPosition

Clinical Associate Professor
Program Director Keypath Master of Education program

Contact details

T: +61 2 6201 5915
L: Building 6 Room D41


Matthew was appointed as Clinical Associate Professor in 2021. His principal roles are to lead the Faculty’s external professional learning programs and micro-credentialing frameworks. His most recent previous role was working as an education and leadership consultant for the University of Technology, Sydney, Nous Group, and the NSW Department of Education, especially in relation to rural and remote education, Aboriginal education and the development of state-wide policy. Prior to this Matthew had a long career in the NSW Department of Education as a secondary English teacher, before taking on school and systems leadership roles. His final position with the Department was as the Executive Director, School Performance with direct responsibility for 433 public schools in the Rural South and West Operational Directorate: managing the education of 116,00 students by leading and managing 15,000 staff, covering 78% of the geography of NSW. In this role he was responsible for providing high level strategic leadership and advice to the department in the planning, implementing and managing state-wide strategies, initiatives and reforms. Matthew has also worked for NESA as a HSC Examiner and Supervisor of HSC Marking, and member of the NSW curriculum committee for English, Stages 4-5 and the HSC. He was also the chair of a regional theatre company for six years and was an invited member of the Bell Shakespeare Artistic Panel for ten years.

  • Pedagogy
  • School leadership and change management
  • Rural and remote education
  • Aboriginal education
  • English and Drama curriculum and pedagogy
  • School building and architecture
  • School culture
  • School-based communication

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2019 Nanga Mai Awards: Issued by Mark Scott, Secretary NSW Department of Education, and Michele Hall, Executive Director Aboriginal Education and Communities for contributions to Aboriginal Education.

2010 Outstanding Professional Service Award (NSW Professional Teachers’ Council): In recognition of significant and continuous contribution to the support of teachers in the Southwest region of NSW and as a founder and president of the English Teachers’ Association branch and professional learning initiatives.

2001 Minister’s Award for Excellence in Teaching: In recognition of his outstanding commitment to public education and his inspirational leadership across a diverse range of school and district extra-curricular activities.

1997 Drama Victoria Award: As the co-author of the Best Australian publication for Drama and Theatre Studies